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  1. Shriners this weekend!! 11/13 & 11/14

    As Yogi would say: "no one goes anymore, it's too crowded."
  2. Gold and silver prices are down

    ~12 oz spread between, IIRC, '99 and '01 ~$300.
  3. UPS Lost my firearm?

    Going there, likely won't get you very far. Call customer service again. Explain the seriousness of losing a firearm. In the end a firearm can be replaced. UPS should eventually reimburse you.
  4. UPS Lost my firearm?

    They have no published phone number. The number you find in an internet search is the general UPS customer service number. All inquiries must go through them. Depending on the situation, Chelmsford may call you. Customer service needs to request it. You CAN NOT call them direct!
  5. Gold and silver prices are down

    Keep in mind when you weigh the pieces, the knife handles are hollow, and usually filled with something like cement to make them feel more substantial. Might help with balance as well. Refiners, and people buying silver know this, and will tear the handles apart before weighing.
  6. Shut your mouth.

    Obviously did not check the "I am not a robot" box.
  7. Guide to gun rights in your Massachusetts town

    It depends what town you move to, regarding push back, but as discussed here, they must allow a valid U.S. passport. Contact Comm2A if they refuse.
  8. What have you seen lately?

    Kingfisher? or
  9. Massachusetts Rifle Association - Woburn, MA

    I thought this was a MA law or regulation instituted after the "Westfield incident" some years ago?
  10. Gun Club closure megathread

    It also cuts down on junk mail and phone calls from either party. They can be MUCH worse than they already are!
  11. Comm2A, SAF, GOAL and FPC file against Baker admin on shop closures

    Shops normally closed on Sunday and perhaps on another day, may open up on those days to recoup? Any reports of this happening this past Sunday?
  12. Comm2A, SAF, GOAL and FPC file against Baker admin on shop closures

    There's plenty of blame to go around. This is old news that I'm posting, as a reminder. "Spineless Charlie" Of course, we all knew that! From Apr1, Statehouse News Service: 'DeLeo’s office noticed the initial list of essential businesses and “immediately expressed its concern,” according...
  13. Clean your weapon

    You're supposed to clean guns??
  14. Doctor who is gun guy recommendations.

    Up to now this type of questioning was promoted by the AMA. Some doctors asked, some didn't. It remains to be seen what formally indifferent Docs will do if this question is mandated by the State of MA. It may be difficult to avoid. One way to handle it is to simply lie. Some people may not be...
  15. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    Renewal: In hand, via US Mail, from PD in 27 days. I'll say it again- there is little to no delay at the State level. Best of all, due to my semi-advanced age, it was FREE!!!
  16. Where I was on Veterans day...

    A little known and long forgotten fact: Elvis Presley helped fund the memorial when the money dried up. It was in danger of not being built at all.
  17. I still havn't recieved my FID?

    Patience my young friends. Everyone needs instant gratification these days. I've gone through 8 or 9 renewals since my original LTC. (they used to be valid for 5 years not 6). Every one of them took different lengths of time to arrive. Not once, I mean NEVER, did I call asking about its...
  18. Map preservation

    Appears to be a 'fantasy' map of WWIII (three) operations? Looking again, I guess it's third of a series. My bad!
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