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  1. When can you pull out your firearm?

    In MA, if you shoot a guy who is in the act of plunging a knife into a doctor's neck repeatedly, you might get exonerated after a year long investigation. There's no law, just politics and the DA's win/loss record.
  2. Bostons LTC Restrictions.

    You could always ask for their written official policy on who gets restrictions. ^ that was a joke
  3. Bostons LTC Restrictions.

    Strictly speaking, connections aren't required for this. But of course they always help.
  4. Bostons LTC Restrictions.

    Yikes. Spring for the $300 NRA course, get your MA State Police instructor cert for $50, send copies of both to Boston PD with a letter explaining you transport guns to teach classes and are at higher risk of crime.
  5. Bostons LTC Restrictions.

    Become an NRA instructor. It's just that simple. Did he actually say "wealthy" as one of the eligible groups?
  6. How do you squeeze the trigger?

    It's the same in practical pistol shooting. The best pistol shooter in the world hooks his finger on the front of the trigger guard, which is highly unusual. Some guys in the super squad use a crush grip, while others just use firm pressure. They all see the sights aligned on target when the...
  7. Bump stock theory

    Does the ATF really have the final say on what is a machine gun? In other words, in a trial would the judge allow your attorney to argue that it's not a machine gun per the actual law?
  8. Hopkinton chief pulls 3 officers' LTCs

    Something to keep in mind... in downtown Boston there's a large, well-designed Netezza appliance with all medical claims from MA commercial payers (Blue Cross, Tufts, etc.). It would take 20 minutes to write and run a query to report all residents who have had selected mental health diagnoses or...
  9. MA Firearms Instructor question

    Is this in addition to the NRA certificate?

    38 CFR section 1.218 specifies a $500 fine only. I didn't know there were other laws that make it doubly illegal, but I wouldn't be surprised.

    True, but isn't it a VA regulation (not a law) and just a $300 fine or something if you get caught?
  12. What is your pistol competition rig?

    All of the (serious) responses so far are great choices and would not hold you back from winning a national championship.
  13. Hopkinton chief pulls 3 officers' LTCs

    It's good that Hopkinton hired a police chief who's also a medical doctor who can interpret mental health diagnoses. Very special combo of skills.
  14. What is your pistol competition rig?

    I use a Double Alpha belt, ghost pouches, a production-legal kydex holster (not sure what brand). For limited division you would probably want a race holster. If you go to a match or Wednesday night practice you'll get to try it all before you buy.
  15. what 10 items would you take for the Alone TV show?

    Good choices. Wiggum is making the mistake of playing by their rules. What the producers are looking for is a rebel who will sneak/plant supplies to get the job done, which makes for good tv. There are no rules or fairness in nature, and that's the point he's hopelessly missing.
  16. what 10 items would you take for the Alone TV show?

    I just think if I wanted advice about the show, I'd ask someone who has been successful in actually getting on the show. This is like taking knife fighting advice from someone who's never even been in a knife fight.
  17. BREAKING: US Army Selects B&T as New Sub Compact Weapon

    I'd go with the MP5 anyways, strictly based on this:
  18. Apendix and striker fired

    All else equal, it's better to not have a gun pointing at your dick than it is to have a gun pointing at your dick. Striker fired or otherwise.
  19. NYT-The next front for gun control is smaller bullets

    Already being done. Look at what the American College of Surgeons (ACS) is pushing. They want to reclassify semiautos and "high velocity" guns as NFA items.
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