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  1. Pelham fish and game renewals

    Thanks for the reply, especially the second to last sentence which is all I was really looking for.
  2. Pelham fish and game renewals

    Renewed my membership online in December however I haven’t received my new membership card. Gates are going to be accessed through the chip in the card through the card reader. Until I get my new card does anyone know will my old card work with the touch pad? Also are they still mailing out new...
  3. Pelham Fish and game IDPA

    Does Pelham still have an active IDPA program? If so how would I get more info. Thanks
  4. Pelham action bays

    I was there last week and the week before during the week and they were blocked off. No one was on them.
  5. Pelham action bays

    does anyone know when the PFG action bays will be open again? They’ve been closed for renovations for a bit. Thanks
  6. Pelham pistol bays taped off

    Went to shoot pistol at PFG. Notice that half the bays were taped off with yellow tape. Anyone know why?
  7. Pelham Fish and Game pistol bays

    simple, as i said in the OP, i was looking for reference from the PFG range rules, which someone was kind enough to provide at the time. I wasn't able to find my copy, but i will confirm the info provided when i locate it. Furthermore, I know for a fact, there are a number of current board...
  8. Pelham Fish and Game pistol bays

    This is what i was asking. Thanks man appreciate it. it was the first time i had ever seen this set up not for an actual match.
  9. Pelham Fish and Game pistol bays

    i understand their use. i wasn't aware it was acceptable to shoot with a target(s) 15 yards or so off the berm. just looking for clarification on that.
  10. Pelham Fish and Game pistol bays

    I have been seeing a lot of IPSC shooters on the bays as of late with "mini stages" being set up at varying distances from the backstop berm. i have seen multiple targets some of which are only 10-15 yards into the bay. Can anyone here reference PFGs range rules regarding this. I'd love to do...

    all visitors shooting as a guest with a member are required to sign a waiver and drop it off at the club each and every time you go. Kind of a nuisance but you can download them from their website, sign a bunch and toss em in your range bag.
  12. Wayland Home Invasion

  13. .22 Pistol Suggestions??

    I've owned the mosquito and initially it sucked with frequent malfunctions. After nearly 3k rounds of painstaking malfunctions it began running without any issues. I still got rid of it. I have the M&P .22 pistol and it has been unbelievably reliable. Definitely a great .22 semi auto platform...
  14. Para Expert Carry

    not sure if legal in the peoples republic but i love my Springfield EMP. compact 1911 in 9mm or 40. great gun
  15. Tactical Arts Group Pelham

    I've seen the same video and your analogy is spot on
  16. Tactical Arts Group Pelham

    ^ i think it was the Walmart scenario! hahaha. This one guy basically unloaded a full mag into a target about 3 yards away. It was one of those head scratching moments. In his defense the IDPA cardboard target didn't seem phased so............
  17. Tactical Arts Group Pelham

    went to a number of sessions about 5 years ago. wouldn't necessarily say it was good training for IDPA. It was more of a loose scenario based shooting course with significantly less "rules" than IDPA. Target engagement round count was at the discretion of the shooter for each scenario. I recall...
  18. Holster recommendations for glock 19 w/ tlr-2 light/ laser.

    ^ nice work. could you do that set up for Glock 19 with crimson lightguard? been looking for something just like that
  19. Med kit for the range?

    pretty advanced skill, not often taught to non medical professionals
  20. Suggestions wanted: Single stack 9mm for EDC

    Springfield EMP 9mm. love mine
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