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  1. New Acquisition September 2023

    Dang revolver thread cost me a bit, but I’ve looked for one of these for over 20 years after seeing one. Thought they didn’t exist. S&W birdsong 629-5, thanks Ralph!
  2. New Acquisition September 2023

    I mean it came in last night but its too pretty to die in the old thread. CZ 457 Mtr my first CZ rifle!
  3. New Firearms Acquisition Thread June 2022

    And last months giveaway!! Thanks Derek and MFS!
  4. New Firearms Acquisition Thread June 2022

    Broccoli Glock special in fortay
  5. New Firearms Acquisition Thread June 2022

    Stag 3 gun elite with Swarovski 2.5-10, larue mount and DALP-IR ( not pictured)
  6. New Firearms Acquisition Thread June 2022

    Clark Custom 10/22, (chassis I had) with hawke 6-24x 56 glass
  7. New Firearms Acquisition Thread June 2022

    Savage 220 20g and trijicon 2.5-10x55
  8. New Firearms Acquisition Thread June 2022

    savage mkii 22lr with bsa scope
  9. New Firearms Acquisition Thread June 2022

    Savage MKii .17hm2, hawke 3-12x50 in a chassis that I think it MTD?
  10. New Firearms Acquisition Thread May 2022

    I have a buddy that has too many toys and and to not to just trade them in when he wants a new shiny toy. Monday he offered these up for trade in value. Sig has never been fired and the PC bout 100 rounds, and included 4 Glock mags
  11. New Firearms Acquisitions September 2021

    i was pretty happy when he reached back out, only bummer was he can't find the wrench, but EWK has the longer wrench on its way
  12. New Firearms Acquisitions September 2021

    After backing out of the deal in March, the seller made good on the original deal. Also came with a 4” ported barrel assembly
  13. Show Me Your Revolver(s)

    sweet, am pretty close to having them work over one of my k frames like this....
  14. Show Me Your Revolver(s)

    top is a 357 supermag with 10VH, just below it is a 375 supermag with 8VH-slotted, below that is a 15-2 with the 12"VH from ewk, have a stock 6"VH and an EWK 8"RH ( rail shroud) for it as well.
  15. Show Me Your Revolver(s)

  16. Show Me Your Revolver(s)

    not as impressive as some on here, but i like em long and heavy....
  17. New Acquisitions - July 2015

    we only have a 265yd range, and the one group i shot was 1.5", with cheap rings and glass. i am looking now for some more suitable glass and rings. my buddy bought some land in AZ for winter shooting, will hopefully get out there this winter and stretch this thing out!
  18. New Acquisitions - July 2015

    now dont wait too long to post the new nfa item! - - - Updated - - - ruger precision in 6.5 creedmore
  19. Not a gun but tons of fun

    love wagons, and when i saw these thought it was the baddest wagon on the block, confirmed seeing your rig!nice ride!
  20. New Aquisitions for April 2015

    the next one up from my 357 supermag! brass and ammo is almost non existent, as it was never available commercially. Gun was designed to compete IHMSA silhouette .
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