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  1. 9mm ar out of battery/ barrel damage

    Doubt it's the barrel. I've had similar blowouts with brass cased ammo. Yes they blew out the magazine. May be that Sylvan adapter as I could never get it to run reliably. The lockup point seem to high and the bolt drags on the cases. I tried using a spacer between the magwell and the adapter...
  2. IWI Tavor questions

    My 2 cents. Tavors like most other things are fine if you just want it the way it is. There's limited customization and not a lot of players in that market to keep costs down. Some things like changing a right hand gun to a left hand gun, is supposed to be a feature is really not. Parts are no...
  3. The future of firearms.

    I wonder what the first primitive firearms produced for velocities? Give this new technology a few millennia and I bet it'll be on par with today's best.
  4. Hi Point making 10mm pistol

  5. AK47 Understanding

    My WASR came with Tapco mags. Bulgarians, Croatians, etc didn't fit. Magpuls did. Just got to try different ones. I just sent 8 assorted that didn't fit to a buddy with a note. "If they don't fit just pass them on. Do not send back!
  6. Why Everyone Needs An AR-15

    The "First" 1) 16" mid length. Magpul furn. 5.56 The "Twins" 2) 16" carbine. GI round furn. 5.56 The "Trainer" 1) 16" carbine. Magpul FDE furn. .22 LR conversion The "Mini Twins" 2) 11.5" pistols. KAK braces 5.56 The "Big Brother" 1) 11.5" pistol. SB3 brace. 300BLK The "Meany Minis" 2) 8"...
  7. Why Everyone Needs An AR-15

    Hope that doesn't violate any rules. Feel free to delete or tell me to do so.
  8. Why Everyone Needs An AR-15
  9. Why Everyone Needs An AR-15
  10. Draco Barrel length Lie

    If you're an American as you say then you know how to answer the knock.
  11. Ar9 Glock msg adapter

    Sylvan Arms. Glock mags. Meh. Never seems to run right. Could be the lower. Too many irons in the fire to ef with it now. I have a dedicated lower on another identical upper I use on occasion.
  12. Why Everyone Needs An AR-15

    I know many like you. The not Fudds. Maybe Throwback Tacticools. Garands and M1 carbines. Colt 1911s and trench brooms. Won two World Wars..... 45-70 Winchester 30-30 Marlin Colt SAA .45 How the west was won. I get it. Those are some legends truly, and in a different world I would own those. I...
  13. Why Everyone Needs An AR-15

    So commie guns, eh?
  14. Why Everyone Needs An AR-15

    Double that and you'll be close.
  15. AR in x39?

    Tardy range report on on of my AR47s. Pistol with 8" barrel. Can't remember off hand who the manufacturer was. Bought the upper from SG for like $279. PSA lower. Ran nice with brass ammo! Me likey. Need to try out the 16" carbines on brass. Issues clambering steel cased have slowed progress down.
  16. Finally Found One

    I like my Glock for what it is. Could the trigger be nicer? Sure. It's not meant to be a target gun or race gun or any other precision gun. It's meant to be reliable and durable. Those two things outweigh the 2 lb smoothe trigger and rosewood grips for my purposes.
  17. AR in x39?

    Interesting concept.
  18. AR in x39?

    Ran some brass ammo thru my 8" pistol build a couple of weeks ago with no issues other than you can't load the magazines fully.
  19. What Rifle is this?

    I think so too. Receiver looks the same. They use a folder now tho.
  20. What Rifle is this?

    Seriously tho. Thought it might be a Sig Rattler. Probably not.
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