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  1. Deals and steals

    My camp chef is now 10 years old and hasnt needed any repairs (yet)
  2. i'm wondering why people need a rotation of carry guns

    Bro, real operators have a gun for every outfit, and every day of the week. I hate it when i don't have something, that coordinates with my shirt and socks.
  3. Is there a reporting procedure for a buyer who doesn't complete his side and doesn't pay?

    Why do my spider senses tingle like we have a new “Chris” incident??
  4. did i ever tell you i like revolvers?

    Minimum? What is that ? H-110 fire breathing rounds are in its future!
  5. did i ever tell you i like revolvers?

    Thanks @rep308 for helping me find one of my unicorns (because of this thread)
  6. Liberty Safe Confirms They Gave Feds Access Code to Gun Safe During Raid on January 6 Protester

    Check out post #100. It appears they so have a back door (if true)
  7. How does nes feel about this

    I have the plastic one, and this one is on my short list to acquire
  8. HD.4420 State House and Boston Common Rally

    share it with all the sportsmans clubs, and dealers you know
  9. HD.4420 State House and Boston Common Rally

    Sen Fattman confirmed he will be there!
  10. Biden DOJ Floats New Rule To Crack Down On Private Gun Sellers

    Watching the guns and gadgets video on it now, just more mud they can sling at you.
  11. Cold day for a range trip, but was too excited about my new Rifle! CZ Rimfire

    Any day now ill have my first CZ. Im waiting for the call that the MTR arrives. Extra mags, 40moa rail, and a cheap cheek riser have already landed and im planning on just moving one of my scopes over from another gun.
  12. Little info Beat you by a millsecond
  13. Little info
  14. Little info

    What town and state was it made?
  15. Little info

    Maybe turn the photo around so my neck doesn't hurt???
  16. Kind of a small scale win with respect to MASS dfs (dept of family services) and guns / hunting.

    Great story and Kudo’s to you brother for pressing the issue
  17. did i ever tell you i like revolvers?

    oh, you have a 10mm semi and it tosses a lot of flash? me: (edit-really not me...)
  18. did i ever tell you i like revolvers?

    Me too, when my parents passed, it started with their 3. Rossi snub dad carried everyday, 19-3 he bought new , and moms 15. I always lusted after DW when younger so added 15-2, 40, 375, and 7445 (wish it was blue) and about 8 different barrels. And had to have a 500, so the 10” was added. Im...
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