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  1. Anyone doing an AR build that can't decide on a stock

    If the A2 stock is too long you can get an A1 stock from Cavalry Arms, a molded rounded buttpad is also available. I prefer both over the A2 and it's squared buttpad.
  2. Polymer 80 mag dropping

    Check the frame magwell for interference with the magazine fully seating up into the frame. There may be a couple of areas in the magwell that need to be very slightly clearanced to allow the magazine to fully seat. A set of needle files would be enough to remove the excess material. This...
  3. Benches and vises

    Simpson Strong Ties makes a work bench bracket kit for $40.00. It uses all 90 degree cuts ...
  4. Benches and vises

    Craigslist has a lot of used work benches and vises. It's hard to beat Harbor Freight on prices for new benches and vises. Make exactly what you need out of 2x4s and plywood. This is what I'm going to do for my tool shed.
  5. Aero Precision - not in MA

    There's plenty of ways to get AP products and probably at a better price than through AP or you could contact Behind Enemy Lines.
  6. Anyone make their own muzzle brakes/comps?

    Buy an inexpensive flash hider and tig weld a washer on the front. Instant muzzle brake on the cheap.
  7. left loading port AR reciever?

    It sounds like you want a left hand upper on a right hand lower. You can that, you just need to order a left hand upper receiver. I'm not going to name manufactures on this forum.
  8. AR build, barrel nut wont install correctly question

    A barrel nut shim kit should solve your problem. At 80 you are at max recommended torque so you need a shim or two to get the barrel nut aligned.
  9. Bolt Carrier Group Recommendation

    Brownell's has a nitride coated BCG on sale for 85.00.
  10. Linear compensator question

    What about a threaded muzzle cap. Cheap money and no side or rearward blast.
  11. Williams scope mount drill fixture

    Ruger is now drilling and tapping the Mark II, something they wouldn't do years ago, hence those "spec sheets" they used to send out. They will send you a pre paid label to ship the firearm for $30.00. The D&T is $65.00. Not cheap but at least you know it's done to factory specs and you don't...
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