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  1. Refurbished Some Mags

    That's true. It shows that these can be restored to new condition with a little effort. Years ago I seem to remember an NES member that had small cracks in the corner at the feed mouth of a preban. He used the aluminum brazing rods to repair the cracks. I thought the repair came out great. You...
  2. Refurbished Some Mags

    I wanted a couple of mags to match the color of the black rifle. I scrubbed them inside and out in a solution of Simple Green. After drying I prepped them for paint by wiping down with denatured alcohol. I hung them and sprayed with a few coats of Rustoleum High Heat BBQ paint. After drying I...
  3. pre ban AR 15 30 round mag issues

    I had a couple of used prebans that wouldn't insert easily and didn't drop free. I lightly squeezed them in the vise right at the problem areas, which brought them back into spec. Problem solved.
  4. Best place to buy preban glock mags

    NES classifieds WTS/WTT Firearm accessories
  5. Glock Grip Force Adapter

    You can custom fit the GFA by thinning and removing some material with sand paper or a Dremel.
  6. Red Dot for 22 target Pistol

    Ultradot LT. It's what I have on my Pardini SP that I've used in the GBPL Ultradot L/T I have an ADCO Alpha 30mm, 3 MOA red dot on a Model 41. Which I love the combo. The only downfall is its just so heavy. The M41 is heavy already but then to add a rail and a large red dot it adds up. ADCO...
  7. Best Glock 17 10rd Magazines

    Looking to buy some Glock 17 10 round magazines to complete a polymer 80 project. What's better the OEM Glock magazines or the ETS magazines. They're priced about the same. The Glock is black and OEM but the ETS is translucent which is cool looking, because you can see the rounds. Any thoughts...
  8. Shooting gloves

    I just assumed they were for cold weather outdoor shooting. No?
  9. Shooting gloves

    I use the Firm Grip gloves from Home Depot. They're thin and inexpensive. Three for ten bucks. Offered in two sizes Large and Extra Large.
  10. Vintage Gun Guard Keys

    Plano owns and makes them now. If you call Customer Care and have your case with you they will ask you which model you have and send you new keys. I have two of these cases myself.
  11. Magazine Painting

    I refurbished some worn 20 rounders. I used the NSZ85 video above as well as a couple of other youtube videos online as guides. For the cleaning step I used SimpleGreen in water. I gave them three coats of the CRC Dry Moly Lube from Grainger. It gave a dark gray satin finish...
  12. No seriously...gloves...

    I use the Firm Grips from Home Depot. They're good down to about freezing and give good dexterity. I like how they fit around my fingers and palms, there's no excess material in the fingers making for good contact with the trigger. A package of 3 is about $10.00. I have them in large and extra...
  13. Bipod w/ sling swivel attachment?

    Since your rifle is a .308 I suggest a decent quality bipod. If it was a rimfire plinker I'd say get anything. You have the factory sling swivel stud so you're GTG there. For a quality bipod there are a few choices, Atlas, VersaPod and Harris. I recommend the Harris bipod with the leg notches if...
  14. Do you use a gun belt with an IWB holster?

    It's the friction of the belt around the cam of the buckle that holds the belt closed. The Velcro is there to hold the tongue in place against the belt. Yes it's infinitely adjustable. The polymer lined model is more correctly a "polymer insert" as the polymer strip is sandwiched and sewn...
  15. Wassup with tomahawks?

    For the ultimate tactical tomahawk. The RMJ by Ryan M. Johnson: As shown on Modern Marvels and also used in the sandbox by our esteemed GI's.
  16. Ammo Can Availability

    Kittery had a stack of different sizes from 30cal to 40mm but that was probably a couple months ago.
  17. 1911 grips

    The S&W Pro Series come through with the RoCo palm swell grips. These are full hand fitting grips. So much so that a lot of people sell them off and buy the regular 1911 grips. They're affordable too. I have the SW1911 Pro Series 9mm and like them...
  18. Finally got a safe into my basement

    Nice looking safe. Typically the bolt holes aren't under the carpet, they're under the bottom shelf or what may look like the bottom floor. That floor section should be raised to allow clearance for bolts or studs to protrude up into the safe.You'll have to lift up that bottom section to find...
  19. 1911 magazine cap question

    The only difference between the 7 round and 8 round magazine is the follower. The 8 round follower is shorter allowing one additional round to fit. The magazine tubes are the same length and fit flush to the bottom of the grip. The 10 round magazine is longer and sticks out past the bottom of...
  20. Letting Guns "Breathe"

    I use the Bore Stores silicone treated cases. A light coat of oil and then placed in the Bore Stores and in my safe. The company has been in business since 1985. Great product. Protective Gun Cases Silicone Treated - Bore Stores
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