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  1. Olight knives?

    Their lights are okay. Zero reason to buy one over Fenix though. Where are the knives made? Blade material? Edit: I see 154CM and China.
  2. What is this?

    Multi-tool. Bottle opener, can opener, saw blade, hex wrenches in increments, retaining ring tool?

    Yep. Most have been refinished or the common broken blade tip. I keep mine in a trophy case LOL. They only made them for uhhh 14 years or so. The ones post 1987/1988 aren't as valuable. The Patent Pending marked blades or the BUCKMASTER marked blades.

    Anchors for gear or as a makeshift grappling hook. Would never use them. My dad told me that his cost in 1985 was around $85 [laugh] I wasn't even born yet.

    Between my father and I as Buck dealers, we have almost every model [laugh] My favorite would be the Kalinga and Buckmaster 184 obviously. My 1985 184 that I begged my dad for as a kid...
  6. Fine. A Spyderco Knife Thread...

    I own two, one was gifted from my cousin as a groomsman gift and the other was a NES Karma. Will update pics later. My wedding one is a Endura IIRC, the other a Delica. The Endura was my EDC for years until I found the Kershaw Leek. Out of all my highbrow knives, I carry the Leek daily. I'm...
  7. Best Place to Learn About Knife Brands

    I'm reporting anyone who posts about Ben**made again.
  8. Best Place to Learn About Knife Brands

    Ummmm. You forgot. ZERO TOLERANCE. And benchmade really? I hear it goes nicely with Black Rifle Coffee.
  9. EDC! Show Us Yours!

    /derail (not my EDC but) I sent my cousin/godfather’s Kalinga to Buck for a new blade and I forgot how much I loved that model. He uses it everyday in Local 103 and I keep mine in my trophy case as I can’t get it to fit in my yoga pants. [rofl] Classic Buck were f***ing hot. Too bad they...
  10. EDC! Show Us Yours!


    DECENT. Get a discontinued 0220 too. They’re absolute tanks. Almost 7oz though.

    Plain edge or GTFO. Serrations have one use... and that's rope. And even then, a good edge will do the trick. I f***ing loathe serrations. Next up for me is the ZT 0460Ti I'm a sucker for upswept blades after the 0462 and my Buck Kalinga.

    Not that new but I did get it this year. One of my favorites due to the blade and lightweight design.
  14. EDC! Show Us Yours!

    [laugh] That’s my letter opener. I make sure I don’t open it into anything (ask drgrant about that ) I carry the ZT 0220 a lot because it’s a beast and is lighter than it looks. Combine that with that deep carry clip and it’s one of my favorite blades. On other days I carry one of the...
  15. EDC! Show Us Yours!

    ELMAX master race. I'm such a f***ing ZT fanboi. This is how I feel when I order more ZT blades
  16. EDC! Show Us Yours!

    Either the ZT 0220 or Kershaw Leek
  17. ZT 0220

  18. ZT 0220

    They've been doing stonewashing/ bead blasting for decades. For instance, my pièce de résistance. Buckmaster 184 produced between OCTOBER 1985 AND DECEMBER 1986.
  19. ZT 0220

    ELMAX master race. It's good because it's essentially already "broken in" for you. So the first scratch on the blade won't get you all rustled. This is next. 0450 |  ZT Knives
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