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  1. Free state house question.

    Think about it: If a doctor living in a Mass mansion buys a vacation condo in Florida, you don't think they go through all that crap just to get licensed down there, do you?
  2. Contact with Law Enforcement while concealed carrying question?

    APFSDS is goin' to jail. Until and unless the state "adjusts itself", gun owners have to ask themselves whether they want to be the plaintiff in a well-funded suit to have the law thrown out by a Federal court. Until and unless the state "adjusts itself", police have to ask themselves...
  3. Contact with Law Enforcement while concealed carrying question?

    Cukes, man. (Well, that comment didn't age well). You may need to study Haskell. Comm. vs. John R. Haskell, Jr., 438 Mass. 790
  4. Driving through MA with rifle

    It was for no reason. All you had to do if stopped was not run your mouth about picking up a passenger and you'd have been good.
  5. Comm2a? GOAL? GOA? FPC? NRA?

    Comm2A establishes brush-back pitch case law by funding lawyers who win trials using carefully curated defendants. We support them via automatic monthly EFT payments. GOAL ostensibly lobbies the Donk committee chairs in the State House into bottling up the worst legislation proposed every...
  6. Local (MA) ATF contacts?

    If he's a good FFL, he'll say, "Oh! That thread!". [rofl] It's not like those two things have anything to do with each other.
  7. Local (MA) ATF contacts?

    So drive the gun to an FFL. [rolleyes]
  8. Local (MA) ATF contacts?

    Why not - don't you have a gun license?
  9. For a FTF sale, do I need to efa-10 a complete AR lower that was already registered as a rifle?

    I wonder how many people have eFA-10ed lower assemblies with the length of the buffer tube. ("Rear barrel").
  10. Selling a firearm at Kittery Trading Post

    Or a convenient pipe leak. (Just ask the poll workers around Atlanta how to make that work for you).
  11. Selling a firearm at Kittery Trading Post

    [thumbsup] Unless both FID/LTCs and MDLs have a sekrit hidden check digit (like UPCs and ISBNs), the mind reels at some of the hash that terrorized sellers have submitted.
  12. Selling a firearm at Kittery Trading Post

    Wait, wait; I think this is one of those use-cases where you can't eFA-10 a transaction: The portal requires either the buying individual's FID/LTC number, last name, and DoB, -or- the FFL's (Mass) state firearms dealer's license number. Neither of which KTP presumably has. I can't swear that...
  13. Is There A 30 Day Temp Permit? Something New?

    Meanwhile, back at the barracks...
  14. Is There A 30 Day Temp Permit? Something New?

    Read the thread: #Nullo
  15. Glocks in MA

  16. Carrying on the SSA

    So you see my point. On any given day in Mass, you one could cross paths with someone like, say, the Medford Lens Licker. ETA: Make moar nonpersonaler, as intended.
  17. Carrying on the SSA

    Do you maybe have some non-NES alias like say "Tater Salad" by which we might recognize your case from the newswire story after it goes differently some trip in the future?
  18. Carrying on the SSA

    Did you even read an NES thread on the topic? That "wheelchair closet" has a fire extinguisher system placard. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if it was a compartment required to allow unfettered crew access in case of emergency. Do any active-duty Coastguardsmen want to stage a snap...
  19. Glocks in MA

    Your ideas are intriguing to Underwear Gnomes, and they wish to subscribe to your magazine. Extra credit for unearthing motivated sellers who have what you need and will sell you some of that by using Venmo.
  20. Old second offense OUI vacated and dismissed

    The BBO would try and get the first attorney appointed to judgeship if they found out that he was giving gun owners advice that made them into PPs.
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