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  1. HD.4420 State House and Boston Common Rally

    just getting started
  2. HD.4420 State House and Boston Common Rally

    On my way
  3. 2023 - Best carry revolver?

    I have shot 357 out of this revolver with my fancy shmancy grips . The stock rubber grips offer no more comfort .
  4. 2023 - Best carry revolver?

    360 PD all day!
  5. Del-Ton Inc

    I just bought this upper that came with bcg and and charging handle. For a cheap budget build. Optics and Primary still very much ship to MA
  6. Windham Weaponry is closing

    Love my WW Varmint Exterminator. One of the most accurate rifles I own.
  7. Massachusetts Bill HD.4420 "An act to modernize gun Laws"

    View: Driving home and it hit a nerve in a good way
  8. Lets Settle This

    30/30 (I know it’s not on the list)for a faster follow up shot if need be. 30-06 for a very close 2nd
  9. Deals and steals

    @Spartan65 The struggle is real brother😎
  10. Deals and steals

  11. Magpul Mags

    I run a 9mm PCC in Steel challenge matches. I have 10 magpul mags . They are very reliable and very cost effective.
  12. Micro / Compact

    Kahr PM 9. The only pistol I will carry .
  13. Excise tax 2023

    Municipal workers are not exempt
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