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  1. Surplus Antlerless Deer Permits MA

    And grabbed a zone ten this am
  2. Surplus Antlerless Deer Permits MA

    I transposed the numbers. At 11, i got my zone 9. I’m an idiot…carry on
  3. Surplus Antlerless Deer Permits MA

    I forgot until about 9, got my zone11 in a couple minutes.
  4. Cross bow permit

    Ma one is straight forward for sure, fill out the form, send in, quick turnaround.
  5. Cross bow permit

    messaged you
  6. Eating Largemouth Bass

    All winter long!!!
  7. 2023 Turkey Season

    Last week the local toms were all strutting with their hard ons here in oxford
  8. AZ unit 10 cow hunt

    great story, and congrats on your successful hunt!
  9. "Fizz" A Fish ???

    groundfishing for cod, haddock etc, it is common to release the air out of the air bladder before releasing shorts.
  10. My best deer yet

    congrats and wow, pretty country!!!
  11. 2022 Deer Season

    shot one last night, good size doe, bolt passed through and had some digested crap on it so after waiting an hour and only finding a couple spots of blood in 20 yards, decided to come back this morning to look for it. found it,75 yards from where it was shot. nothing but a decimated carcass with...
  12. Feral hog spotted in NH

    looked into hunting them a few years back, NH doesn't regulate them and they consider them farm stock, all you need is a permission slip from Corbin Park, and off you go
  13. Antlerless deer tag

    only zone 9 left just now
  14. Lake Karens Attack!

    i first heard of this law, while salmon fishing up in New Brunswick. up there the land owners with riparian rights, who own basically the shoreline to halfway across the river, if their land borders the stream, and some own both sides, having exclusive rights to who can fish there.
  15. Tornado Knot

    huh, what do you know???? I'm not the only one who likes it View:
  16. Tornado Knot

    any idea what the breaking strength is? looks like it may hold with the superlines, but the palomar hasn't failed me ( yet) and is super quick to tie.
  17. Antlerless deer tag

    got mine in 8
  18. Trailer Boaters' Life Hacks--Add Yours

    i launch a ton by my self, and not all ramps have a dock. my cheat is to tie a 30' lead to the bow and to the tongue jack, then i back in deep enough for it to float off and then slowly pull forward bringing the boat to shore. secure it, park truck and then head off
  19. Ice augers.

    going on 10 years with my 8" nils, and makita 18v drill, 5ah new battery i drilled 24 holes in 28" ice in northern NY to test how long it would last, i keep (2) spare batterries wrapped in a small cooler with hand warmers , its a rare day i need another battery. sold my gas auger right after the...
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