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  1. the future of handguns is finally here.

    Was expecting Taurus Curve 2.0. 0/10
  2. AK47's - Who makes the best one and why?

    It does get hot if you're mag dumping. I don't have a 63 but I do have a 65. I kept the stock reversed grips. That's what it's meant for and looks the best IMHO. 30rd mags? Sheet, use what it was designed for. TANKAH mags kehd. 20rd Pmags fit my 65 and I had to file the shit out of Korean and...
  3. Piston Driven AR-15s

    Yep. /thread
  4. S&W PC Shield Plus 4" w/RDS

    On a carry gun? Why? CT is pure shit, so that's why it "feels on the cheap side" [rofl] Never skinflint on optics. Trijicon RMR. If you want to save a little cash, Holosun HS407C
  5. Mass AK thread.

    Duh I know they aren’t imported. I should have said “with US made barrel.”
  6. Mass AK thread.

    True There are parts kits out there. Most don’t have barrels and those are in high demand too. Receivers have a little waitlist. Still better than dropping $1200+ on a f***ing WASR.
  7. Mass AK thread.

    I had no idea PSA made an "AK" Hard pass on that.
  8. Mass AK thread.

    Classifieds or find a dealer with a set of balls.
  9. Best 5.56 AR-15 (like) rifles that are Mass compliant

    So are black rifles. OP is looking at PIITB jail time.
  10. Beretta Revolver

    I almost spit my coffee out.
  11. Ar build

    Relatable View:
  12. HD Shotgun recommendations?

    590 /thread
  13. Well I bought another HK.

    What I read was "Get a Mark 23 and a USP 9." [laugh] ENABLER.
  14. Well I bought another HK.

    This HK itch keeping coming back, like herpes. Not for the VP9 and P30 bullshit though. MK23 then USP 9mm Tactical
  15. Springfield Hellcat

    As much as I loathe SA, it is pretty neat. I've been carrying a XDs 45 for 7 years now because if it ain't broke... At least they ditched the grip safety, although the XDs one doesn't bother me. GRIP ZONE FTW
  16. .45 Shield

    Yessss Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. .45 Shield

    Meh. I'll keep carrying my XDs. What's the trigger pull on MA models? [rofl]
  18. What are the most fun 22lr rifles

    Meh. Buy something that you like in a a big caliber. 22 is definitely fun but I rarely take a 22 to the range, unless I have a new shooter with me. I've shot bricks upon bricks and it just doesn't do much for me anymore. I need a kick to the shoulder to make me grin like a school girl.
  19. Sig P938 malfunction

    You might need to file the baseplate. Common issue apparently. Remind me never to buy a P938 lol.
  20. Sig P938 malfunction

    I don't own any Sigs; but it sounds like you're not pushing the mag deep enough to seat.
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