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  1. How not to suck at USPSA/IDPA

    how not to suck at action shooting. step 1 show up, do the thing until you aren't terrible at it. step 2 by the time you aren't terrible, you will have a feel for what you are lacking ( speed, accuracy, footwork.... ect) step 3 practice, practice the things you are bad at, be clear to yourself...
  2. Looking for 2 gun or carbine matches

    townsend has 2 gun action tomorrow its on practiscore
  3. Looking for 2 gun or carbine matches

    I shot the mobeach event last month, it was very similar to uspsa with a carbine. they have a small shoot house, I don't recall if it was a four or five stage match but it was worth the trip out. I would really like to see something like a New England hard as hell or brutality style match.
  4. Looking for 2 gun or carbine matches

    monument beach puts on a monthly carbine match Townsend rod and gun club said they were going to be alternating between two and three gun every month, I shot armored div at a match there earlier this year and had a good time. it was a bit more physical than a regular 3 gun match, but I was...
  5. Practical shotgun at Hopkinton. Saturday March 3

    I'll be there to help with whatever you need.
  6. 2017 3 Gun

    on the long range we will have shots at 177yds, 277yds, 367yds & 425yds for this you will not need to be long range certified. (course of fire was provided and approved by Nick W.)
  7. 2017 3 Gun

    Granby Action Shooters will be hosting our first 3 Gun Match!!! Rifle, pistol and shotgun. Date, Saturday July 29th Round count will be approximately 100 rounds of bird shot, rifle and pistol ammo as well as 10 slugs Slings will not be required Entry for this match will be $40.00 dollars PRE...
  8. 2017 3 Gun

    I'll be there
  9. 2017 3 Gun

    sorry, next question. do we need a 3GN membership to shoot this event?
  10. 2017 3 Gun

    is it really 2 stages with a 250 round count?
  11. 2017 3 Gun

    Now that I am done with nationals I will be getting my dates set for both Monson and Granby. info to follow
  12. Who's Who at competitions

    Alan Gliniak Middle of the road C class USPSA production, limited & PCC. IDPA ss/exp in ssp esp & bug 3 gun is where my heart is I also compete in practical shotgun and wallum lakes steel events I shoot mostly in Monson and Granby but travel out east and some times to Augusta Maine. You can...
  13. 3 gun newbie gear advice

    agreed Dan, being how I broke both of my hands, quad loading has never been an option for me, I can dual load all day long but I'm lucky to get two in the loading port if I try to quad load.
  14. wallum lake practical shotgun this year?

    I'm so in, we need more practical shotgun in New England
  15. 3 gun newbie gear advice

    I agree on the M3000 for the shotgun, I've had mine for three seasons now and it has been a fantastic shotgun (not just a good cheap shotgun, the thing has been rock solid) take a look at the vortex viper or if you have deeper pockets the razor HD lines, they have been awesome. But if I can...
  16. USPSA belt and holster

    I went with a double alpha two piece belt and then drilled the outer for safari land els and qls clips. I have been really happy with it. I can swap out components and use it for just about everything..just not idpa
  17. Amateur Athletic Union Target Shooting

    The website rulebook links to ten pin bowling. What format are these events?
  18. Monson 3 Gun Results

    Dan, Thank you again for all your help!
  19. Monson 3gun Match 10/1/16 is ON

    As far as I'm concerned we are still Good to go for tomorrow. Sorry for the delay I was away from the intenets for tmost of the day
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