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  1. This month’s challenge

    or, you know, pack it where it won't get the "trigger" depressed.
  2. Harvest Right Freeze Dryer - my results

    More food pictures. I make a black bean cassoulet and usually eat it with riced cauliflower that I "stir fry." So I mixed in 1.5# of cassoulet and 1# of "rice" per tray. Decided to make these trays 2 meals. After FDing and bagging they weigh about 4 oz or a little less. That's 20 oz down to 4oz...
  3. Harvest Right Freeze Dryer - my results

    Some pics from today. This is 4 trays of FDed Grain Free Hamburger Helper. Bagged up 0.8lbs (pre dried weight) and it weighs 4 oz per package. I get 3 meals per tray at this weight, 12 meals per run. This was second run. So I have 24 of these now.
  4. Harvest Right Freeze Dryer - my results

    I hear ya! Some of them do farmers markets or set up etsy shops etc. Sounds too much like work to me! Oh, my machine is so old HR states on their website to NOT update my software. I'm running something like 2.4.3 and they have 5.x.24 or some such!
  5. Harvest Right Freeze Dryer - my results

    there are whole groups dedicated to selling freeze dried skittles. I guess the new machines have "candy mode" built in. Mine is running software version 2.4.3 or some such. No candy mode which is fine since I don't eat candy (other than dark chocolate).
  6. Harvest Right Freeze Dryer - my results

    nope. don't have a dog.
  7. Harvest Right Freeze Dryer - my results

    starting up the freeze drying again. the plan, until recently, was to attempt to thru hike the AT next year. It's still a possibility so working on making 600-800 meals. Even if I don't attempt the thru next year, I will do some trips and the meals will keep for years. Started with a batch of...
  8. Got Stickers?

    I drive a lifted Tacoma with 4x4 that has a Texas license plate. It's assumed I love guns pretty much anywhere in the country I travel. I don't need no stinkin' stickers. [rofl]
  9. RI bans icky black guns, and goes for unsafe storage.

    Fark RI. It's a shit hole anyway IMO
  10. Open Carry

    Only you can change that
  11. Open Carry

    Serious question here. As some of you know I lived in MA and advocated for our rights after Newtown, etc. I also moved to NH and had an LTC in MA as a business owner. I still have family in MA. I currently live in TX. I would not be opposed to talking with someone about getting a non resident...
  12. Tonight, Westford will be considering zoning bans on firearm stores.

    I no longer have contact with those who were the organizers of WestfordPro2A. I wonder if they are still active or even aware of this?
  13. Son, 22, of prominent South Carolina legal family found murdered with his mom, 52, was 'targeted' - Murdaugh Trial

    I heard a few minutes of the defendant on the stand and thought "this guy is super arrogant and is talking himself into a guilty verdict by over answering the questions." Really sounded like he had rehearsed his lies.
  14. So-called "Day of Hate", Feb. 25.

    "It's essentially a hodgepodge of white supremacist organizations, many of which engage in on-the-ground activity like flyer distribution, banners, protests, that sort of thing," he said. This comes as there has been a rise in antisemitic violence across the US in the past year, according to...
  15. test firing a "for sale" gun

    1 or 2 mags top with factory ammo provided by the buyer AFTER checking to make sure he has an LTC - maybe. Feel free to back out of that deal if it makes you feel uneasy when he shows up.
  16. Living without a refrigerator

    different use cases. I own both even though I live tiny. I love fresh vegetables and meat that needs chewing. We have a regular sized fridge in our skoolie. Something like 17 cf. Not huge but big enough for us. The freezer portion is a consistent struggle especially when I end up seeing meat on...
  17. Living without a refrigerator

    ahem... SHE. Thank you.
  18. Littleton, MA Town meeting by law proposal.

    I don't read the Mill thread. I read this one. This would have been buried in there.
  19. Littleton, MA Town meeting by law proposal.

    y'all need to organize similar to what we did in Westford about 10 years ago
  20. Fatal Shooting in Worcester by Westborough LTC holder

    without seeing more info than the original report, a verbal altercation and the way it is written sounds like he was in his car when the window got busted. who is to say he wasn't feeling threatened? I would feel like the guy might kill me. breaking a car window takes a LOT of effort.
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