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  1. X39 Ranch Rifle - scope?

    Ballistics are similar. Or so I'm told.
  2. X39 Ranch Rifle - scope?

    Strike Eagle I believe. Was going on an AR but finally got my mitts on the Ruger so...
  3. X39 Ranch Rifle - scope?

    Could do that no problem. PM me.
  4. X39 Ranch Rifle - scope?

    I have a same in 300 BLK (It was a toss up between that and X39) Just threw a Vortex 1-6 AR scope on it for now. Laser sighted but no time for a range trip.
  5. Maxim Automatic Machine Gun 1897

    The Devil's Paintbrush
  6. Looking for ammo storage ideas

    I use the shorter 2 drawer file cabinets. The old ones that are heavy guage metal, not the new flimsy ones. Each drawer hold 6 or 7 (forget which) 30 cal. USGI cans. Which are manageable. The 50 cal. cans fit as well but are heavy when full of 9mm. I have plastic ones too but I don't like the...
  7. Wonder when ma is going to jump

    New Yorkers just go to Canada and buy it. Oh, wait.....
  8. This is part of why I'm an "armed Jew"

    No not really. I just like yanking you chain. My departed FIL was a jew, Close friends jews. Most acknowledge the disconnect between Never Again and actually getting their hands dirty. Some just want to play victim.
  9. This is part of why I'm an "armed Jew"

    Sorry to offend you rabbi. My sincerest apologies for saying the truth. I know it can be hurtful.
  10. This is part of why I'm an "armed Jew"

    Another entitled, protected class basically.
  11. Liberty Safe Confirms They Gave Feds Access Code to Gun Safe During Raid on January 6 Protester

    As the old saying goes, locks only keep honest people out.
  12. Anyone heard of AMMOZAP?

    So no review I'm guessing. Bummer. A lot of places are slow or have issues but that's the world we live in now. I shouldn't have to zing customer service at PSA for a mundane parts order that's been in processing for 2 weeks.
  13. Anyone heard of AMMOZAP?

    I suggest you place an order and get back to us with a review. I've been down the road a time or two and feel fortunate to have detoured before I was burned.
  14. Vivek on guns

    Then get used to your chains and kiss your guns goodbye because another 4 years of this shit and that's what you're looking at.
  15. How does nes feel about this (boomer trigger warning)

    That'll look good in a 2 second flash cut in John Wick 6.5

    A substantial fine for every deadline missed might remedy that. Say $10,000 or so might add up quickly.
  17. After FBI kills disabled veteran in pre-dawn raid, family demands answers: 'It was a senseless act': Theodore "Teddy" Deschler

    Sorry. Not a veteran so you can skip the anti-vet rant with me. You'll have to do better with the insults too.
  18. After FBI kills disabled veteran in pre-dawn raid, family demands answers: 'It was a senseless act': Theodore "Teddy" Deschler

    They're not a protected class like the 13% dindunufins so thats why. Also mucho dangerous hombres now that they're home and broken and discarded. That's the perception. Also because dicks like you fail to take that into consideration.
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