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  1. NES HF net?

    We pushed from 7pm eastern to 11 pm eastern trying different things and accommodating people with kids and / or livestock. It always ends up with the old guys and 2nd shift widower. On 40 or 80 with Olivia. I think I threw out an invite on one of the threads a couple of years ago. Gone now. Just...
  2. NES HF net?

    Having done the net thing on another forum, I'd have to say that member participation is key to success. We tried hard to get as many involved to be able to go coast to coast but most couldnt give up the time or had better things to do. If it's the same three guys every week it's not a net it's...
  3. NES HF net?

    Same same here
  4. Ionospheric conditions HF

    I got licensed 3 years ago when someone from another site badgered me to do it AND told me that band conditions would get better. Yeah, hasn't happened. Hope springs eternal but.....
  5. Antenna Launchers

    Same antenna I use. Just had to replace it because ice pulled it off the side of the house and the feed end landed on the driveway from 30ft up. Killed the performance on some bands. Replaced with the same. I mostly use it for another forums weekly net. (Also used it for ERIN on voice) Digital...
  6. Flea at MIT.

    Tis true.
  7. Flea at MIT.

    NO! I work for those dinks five days a week. I'm not going to PRC for less than time and a half.
  8. We Have a New Ham (Tech) in the House

    Congrats to the lady. Go for General next month. Kilo Charlie 1 Lima Lima Sierra
  9. Thinking about HAM and not thanksgivin kind

    Internet search for Amatuer Radio Clubs near me. Their websites will tell you where and when. Or ARRL website. From my experience they were super nice old timers and very encouraging. Got my tech first and general a month later. (They offered to let me take the general after the tech test at no...
  10. What a bunch of left wing pussies amateurs are!

    Lot of variables behind that statement. I'll agree somewhat. But then I have strong feelings on how Gov and Big Med screwed the pooch on this. Want to wear a mask? Go for it! Wear 2 or 6 Or a full biohazard suit. Stop telling me a person with no symptoms that I have to do the same. That...
  11. We should be making plans

    You were good out to Wisconsin on 40 watts. Strong at my place too. I dialed back my power so I wouldnt annoy you. Still trying to hit the PNW direct at times and I’m usually maxed at 100 watts.
  12. We should be making plans

    USB 80 meters. Right now just one other member and myself. I’ll be on regardless 3588 pus 1500 on the wf
  13. We should be making plans

    OTGF net. Tonight. 3588 USB Olivia 8-250. 10pm Eastern. Check in if you can. We have 3 confirmed stations in NH, PA, and WI. Others may show up as far as the west coast.
  14. We should be making plans

    I’ll just put this out. We have a small net on Wednesday nights. 80 meters. Olivia 8-250. 10 PM eastern. All here are welcome to check in. PM me for freq. we change depending on conditions and traffic.
  15. Online "Getting Started with HAM radio" bootcamp - Nov 7 2020

    No code on exams these days and the old boys were very cordial. (I understand that was not always this way) KC1LLS
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