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  1. Doors Locked?

  2. A Little Christmas Help

    I'll send along a donation from Scarecrow and I when I get paid this week. We're in RI, so if you need anything picked up down this way and brought to you, count us in.
  3. Phobias. What are yours?

    I thought I was crazy for years, for being "afraid" (read: weirded the hell out) of clusters of holes. Apparently it's a pretty common thing. Glad I'm not alone.
  4. Yuck or Yum

  5. Happy Birthday Derek

    Happy birthday!!!!
  6. Need fallacies!

    Thanks everyone!!
  7. Need fallacies!

    [/B] I would love to do this one, considering its a college class and it's helping me get a useless degree [rofl] good call!
  8. Need fallacies!

    Please, discuss on. This will all be handy if I do the ar15 argument. Seriously. It's not bothering me that it's in this thread, since this thread spawned it.
  9. Need fallacies!

    I know what you mean. The ar15 was just an example. The same applies to any fallacy I use. You are right though, it was a poor one to choose for the explanation.
  10. Need fallacies!

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaalwaaaaaaaaaaaaays [rofl][rofl2][rofl]
  11. Need fallacies!

    Exactly. I was just talking to Chris about this. Not only do I have to back up the fallacies with facts proving that they are, in fact, a fallacy, but I also have to provide the original place where it was said. So I can't just go "ar15s are assault weapons. fallacy." I have to provide a quote...
  12. Need fallacies!

    Bless you.
  13. Need fallacies!

    Hahahaha it's not due for another week, and I could very well do it myself. That's how they're not doing my homework for me. I have plenty of time to do it. But see how much the good people here are commenting, and throwing out ideas? Because they're all awesome and want to help? It was more to...
  14. Need fallacies!

    Thank you veramuch
  15. Need fallacies!

    ... I'm 26. I'm taking night classes to finish my degree. I've been working full time since I was 17. I founded and ran a dog rescue for 4 years. I am self employed, and currently starting my own business. I'm not some "lil college kid." Nice try though. [thumbsup] You didn't hurt my feelings...
  16. Need fallacies!

    Yeah I realized, that's why I edited my post after haha
  17. Need fallacies!

  18. Need fallacies!

    [rolleyes] I knew someone was gonna be an ass. I'm not even gonna touch this one.
  19. Need fallacies!

    [thumbsup] [bow]
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