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  1. WTS 1942 Enfield Longbranch

    Location : south of Boston Description : 1942 303 Enfield Number 4 mark 1 in excellent condition. Bore is immaculate and so is the overall finish and the wood. Very clean example of a fine ww2 rifle. Accessories : 4 boxes of ammo, bayonet, sling. Selling Terms : cash or PayPal (add 4%)...
  2. WTS Pre Ban Uzi Pistol (9mm)

    Location : south of boston Description : pre ban Action Arms Uzi Pistol. Comes with original factory box and original manual. I’ve never fired it, and it appears like it’s been unfired but I’m not 100%. It’s in mint condition. Also comes with a 20 round mag and a 50 round magazine as well...
  3. WTS Sold please delete

    Sold delete please
  4. WTS Sold please delete

    sold please delete
  5. WTS Sold please delete

    Location : middleboro Description : Looking to sell my 1966 Winchester 94. Has a 20” barrel. It’s in excellent condition especially being 54 years old! Only has a minor nick or 2 in the buttstock as pictured, and on the left side of the receiver has very very slight pitting, almost...
  6. WTS Sold please delete

    sold please delete
  7. WTS Traded please delete

    Traded please delete
  8. WTB AK 74 (5.45x39)

    Want to buy AK74 in 5.45x39 only. Don’t offer me anything in 7.62x39 unless it’s a killer deal that I absolutely cannot say no to. Thanks. I’m located in Middleboro.
  9. Walther PPS 9mm

    ocation : South shore Description : looking to sell my pps 9mm. I just got it in trade, decided after shooting it that I like my g43 better. It shoots great and has a decent trigger, just can’t get used to that magazine release on the trigger guard. It’s in excellent condition. Transfer will...
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