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  1. Anderson Barrels

    Anybody use Anderson barrels? Didn't get much results when I searched the forum. Thanks.
  2. WTS Antique Copper Washing Machine

    Posting for my senior citizen friend. He is asking $500, for this beautiful antique. PM me for his contact information if interested. Located in Leominster, MA.
  3. WTS Gone/Please delete

    Gone! Please delete. Thank you!
  4. Chicken Advice Needed

    Need some help from the experts. First year with chickens. One of the hens tore her comb off at the base. It was a bleeder, and flopping around. Stopped the bleeding, next day trimmed off the excess. Kept her in a cage separate from the other birds for two nights. Today, out all day with the...
  5. WTB Square Deal Die 40 S&W

    Looking for caliber conversion kit for Dillon square deal, 40 S&W. Thanks
  6. WTS WTS AK 74 Bakelite Mags

    Two AK 74 Bakelite mags, East German, great condition. Pics available upon request. $40 per magazine. Can meet in Worcester area. All laws followed.
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