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  1. WTS WTS Remington 870 Express 12 Gauge, Older Model

    WTS Rem. 870 Express 12 Gauge Magnum. I'm the second owner, my friend bought this at the Fair in Spencer back in the day, early 1990's Only thing I changed was I put a 20" barrel on it (the original 28" is gone) It has wear & dings on the wood, but it's a solid gun. Metal trigger guard $250...
  2. WTS WTS, Ruger 10/22, Blue, Wood Stock, 1992 Manufacture

    WTS Ruger 10/22, comes with one factory 10 round magazine, aftermarket sling installed. I'm the second owner, my friend bought this at Service Merchandise back in the day. The serial number dates it to 1992. It has some wear, dings & scratches in the stock, only major issue is the rear sight is...
  3. WTS WTS Kel Tec P3AT Package

    WTS Kel Tec P3AT, Comes with original box, soft case, lock, manual, 3 magazines, has belt clip installed, blue/black finish. Good condition, works great, I'm the second owner. $350 cash, no offers, no trades transfer on efa-10 loacted in central MA (Leicester) PM me with your contact info if...
  4. WTS WTS, Smith & Wesson Sigma Model SW380 .380 Cal

    WTS S&W Sigma .380, comes with one magazine, no box or manual. I had wire brushed the black finish off with plans to refinish / cerakote it, but never got around to it. It's been a while since I've shot it, but worked fine in the past, only one jam out of a couple hundred rounds. I'm not the...
  5. Gun Friendly PC Repair?

    anyobody here in central MA know how to fix computers? or recommend a 2A friendly place that can? just don't want geek squad freaking out over any gun pictures that are on my PC. I can access the internet fine, but all my saved pictures, word documents, songs, etc. won't open
  6. WTS Vintage Winchester Model 62A Pump Action, Takedown 22 Cal.

    For Sale - Winchester model 62A pump action 22 rifle (S, L, LR) 1956 manufacture has some rust on the barrel/mag tube, some pitting on the receiver Shoots great, I've fired mostly Aguila Colibri through it. $325 cash, transfer at Pullman in Worcester, I'll split the fee (last I checked it...
  7. WTS Black Powder Pietta Snubnose Revolver, lots of extras

    Pietta .36 Cal Snubnose revolver, comes in wood case, has extra cylinder, powder flask, bullet mold, loading rod, some balls. wood case is a little beat up, missing the hinge. Looks unfired, steel frame has nice case colors, overall very nice condition. cap & ball, black powder only $300 cash...
  8. WTS Black Powder Revolver - Cabelas / Pietta 1851 Deleuxe Engraved Gold / Silver

    For Sale - Cabelas (Pietta) Colt 1851 repro, delexe engraved, silver/gold finish. Unfired in box (box has some storage wear) .44 Cal. cap & ball, black powder only $350 Cash, face to face, no trades (Leicester, MA area) All laws followed
  9. WTS Black Powder Revolvers, ASM - Remington 1863 Pocket .31 Cal

    For Sale, (2) ASM repros - Remington 1863 .31 Cal Revolvers, 5 shot cap & ball, black powder only, brass frame. both are pretty much identical, nice condition, no major wear. $150 each, cash face to face, no trades (Leicester, MA area) All laws followed
  10. Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Recommendations/Advice, update

    Hi guys, I'm looking to get a wood burning fireplace insert for existing brick fireplace, would like to be able to boil water on it for cooking in case of power outage. Anybody have one? Looking for advice on brands, places to buy, and generally what it should cost including install (about 30...
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  13. WTS Colt Police Positive .32 Cal

    WTS: Colt Police Positive 4" .32 Cal Revolver. It's old and has some wear, nothing terrible. I have personally never fired it, but timing and lock-up seem to be perfect. Comes with 2 boxes of ammo (.32s&w long) $400 cash for all, no trades Transfer on efa-10 Located in Central MA (Leicester)...
  14. WTB WTB Kids 4 Wheeler / ATV / Quad

    WTB - Kids size 4 wheeler, gas powered 80cc or so, doesn't have to be perfect, but must be in good working/running order. not looking to spend a lot, central MA area, let me know what's available. thanks
  15. Finding money on the stoor floor etiquette

    On the ground, most folks leave pennies where they are, anything silver color and above usually gets picked up and pocketed. What do you do if you find a stack of $1 bills on the floor of a Wal-Mart? I was with my young daughter, we found about $20 worth of singles, I thought best bring them to...
  16. Desert Eagle Question

    I've got an older Desert Eagle .357 mag (probably from the early 1990's) It's got an aluminum frame, and steel slide & barrel. I was wondering if it's possible to safely use a .44 mag slide and barrel for it, or is the aluminum frame strictly for the .357 version? They could all be aluminum...
  17. WTS Sig 250 P250 .45 Full Size Kit, Holster, 2 Magazines

    WTS: Sig P250 .45acp Full Size Kit, does not include the serialized chassis, but otherwise complete. Has night sights, comes with everything pictured: Complete slide assembly, grip shell with magazine release, Two 10 round magazines, holster, black plastic Sig Sauer case, lock, factory manuals...
  18. Stuck / Seized Shotgun Choke

    Anybody have any tips on removing a stuck shotgun choke? I tried a cheap universal tool and it just bent the tool without budging the choke.
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