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  1. Help reading Refrig Service manual

    Can anyone help with reading a service manual for my Samsung Refrig/Freezer? I have the pdf. Need to know what a certain wire does in my Ice maker. What does the 3rd smaller brown wire does in the ice maker? I have replaced my ice maker and bucket 2x each over the past 4 years. Tired of it...
  2. WTS Glock 17 Threaded Barrel, Zev Compensator and Red Dot Sight

    Glock 17 SGM Tactical Match Barrel and Thread Protector $Sold Zev Compensator V2 1/2x28 9mm Thread $Sold Vism FlipUp RedDot Sight RMR VDFLIPGLO $45 PayPal / Venmo / Cash etc. Shipping $5 All are used. Good condition. Barrel has set screw dimple near thread protector as show in the pics...
  3. Casing Burn Marks

    I've been tweaking a Glock 17 custom slide build that I've been working on for the past bunch of months. Finally starting shooting properly after lowering the recoil spring to 11 lbs and striker pin spring to 3 lbs, but one thing I noticed that was odd though.. Look at the ejected casings...
  4. Will one of you please Buy COOLERS shit!

    Please!! One of you needs to take one for the team and buy all of COOLERS shit in the classifieds. 4000 posts and every single one is a bump on his own crappy listings. Throw away 40 year old sinks and rusted out knives and now really old revolvers.. One of you wants it all! You'll do him a...
  5. WTS Large Aquarium Driftwood and Stones

    Big Pieces of driftwood and large stones for bigger aquariums. Excellent pieces. Pick up in MetroWest or Brighton. $20 each for Stones. $40 each Driftwood.
  6. WTB 22 Upper

    Looking for a complete 22 Upper for an AR lower.. Let me know what you got. Thanks.
  7. White Flyer Clays break down reeaaalllyyy slow

    One of my kids smashed a clay in the driveway and put it in a cup of water to watch it biodegrade.. It's been 4 weeks and it's still hard as a rock and the broken edges are perfect. I was surprised by that. Thought it would break down a little faster. Had to look up the specs. Says it takes...
  8. Logan Central Parking Height

    Anyone know the max height for General Central Parking bldg at Logan? I think my truck is 6' 8".. don't feel like getting the boot and having to drive to a satellite lot at the last minute..
  9. AR throwing shells at 2pm

    I have two AR's that I was shooting yesterday. Both appeared to be working fine. Hitting targets, ejecting shells, rinse, repeat. No FtF's. On one, I custom built the whole thing. That was throwing shells at 4pm. On the other it's a factory built Colt Upper. That was throwing shells at 2pm...
  10. A Retractable Bayonet Spike!

    When are they going to make it spring assisted automatic??? Meet the Stinger! A Retractable AR Bayonet Spike - SHOT Show 2018 - GunsAmerica Digest View:
  11. Help identify this key

    Just found these keys in my gun safe. No idea what they go to. Anyone have similar keys? For it to be in there with the other keys.. Has to be gun/safe related. Doesn't go to my micro vault. That's the smaller silver key on the right. There's no over ride key on any of the other safes.
  12. WTB Mossberg 500 ATI Scorpion

    Helping a friend out. Looking for a Mossberg 500 ATI Scorpion 12g Shotgun like the one Four Seasons was selling for a while. Or very similar. Black ok too. Let me know what you have.
  13. BCG Jamming next bullet into feedramp

    Hello, Having a problem here.. If I put in a full magazine and pull the charging handle. First bullet loads fine and shoots. Shell casing ejects and the next bullet to load gets jammed at an angle from the follower on the magazine into the feed ramp with the Bolt Carrier Group rammed half...
  14. SOLD - Beretta 92 Pre Ban 17 round Magazine

    SOLD Pre Ban Beretta 92 - 17 round Magazine by Eagle Shipping $5 PayPal friends and family
  15. WTS Cambridge Soundworks Subwoofer and speakers

    Cambridge Soundworks Subwoofer and surround sound speakers. Front/center and side speakers. $100 - cash or PayPal F&F Located near near Natick or Brighton Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  16. WTB Steel Targets

    Looking for steel targets if you have any laying around you'd like to part with. Let me know what you have. Thank you, Jay
  17. Any members of Westwood Gun Club?

    Just keeping my eyes open at everything in the area.. Anyone a member of Westwood Gun Club? Would like to know about their membership waiting list and how long it is... Thanks, Jay Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  18. Wayland Rod and Gun - Any good?

    Is anyone a member of Wayland Rod and Gun? The pictures on their website look like their 25 years old.. So I'm not sure what the range looks like. I'm looking for a range near Natick that has outdoor 100 yards for shooting 223/556.. Hopefully within a 20-25 min drive. Currently eyeing...
  19. WTS Industrial Commercial Work Station Desk with Power and Lights

    SOLD Industrial Commercial Work Station Desk with Lights and power strips. Great Condition. Power and Lights all work. 2 of these work station sets Available. $200 per station. Price is for the whole double top you see in the pictures. Total footprint dims: 4' x 6' 6" Ind work top dims: 4' x 3'...
  20. Gunsticles?

    ummmmmm... No comment..
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