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  1. Lookin for quality contractor/builder in central MA for house addition

    Title is clear. Looking to add as large of an addition as the law will low. Good economy has given everyone with a truck the right to baptize himself a contractor. Anyways, looking for the real deal. This will be an in-law addition so it will require plumbing and electricity, etc. Leads are...
  2. the justice system based on my experience...

    Yeah I found out about his kidnapping time. Didn’t know about the armed robbery. Him and his brothers illegally towed a car, when the owner and father went to get the car, they locked them and beat them. Or something like that. Smh. What a great addition to the society.
  3. the justice system based on my experience...

    Update! Just received a check for $500 from the district court! I guess he finally was able to either save up or got busted for something else and this came up.
  4. Worcester Pistol and Rifle Club

    I lost my renewal application that came in the mail. Where can I obtain another copy to fill and mail in?
  5. Real time election results

    Healy Maura duo are in a different league
  6. Minuteman Armory review

    Couldn’t agree more. I love mine. And I don’t think it’s ugly any more
  7. Anyone here installs wood/pellet stoves?

    The whole set up. If needed I can buy my own. In Worcester
  8. Dealing with daughters dating

    How times have changed
  9. Snow 2018-2019

    8 real (more than 3-4”) of snow events last season in central MA. Lots of icy nights though. My guess is a milder winter with 1 F us (20”+) storm. I don’t mind snow at all. It’s those long weeks below 0 I hate.
  10. Dealing with daughters dating

    Don’t have a daughter but if you raised her right you got nothing to worry about. She will get her heart broken and she will break a few. That’s life.
  11. Pulled the sd card on one of my cameras this morning.

    That’s not bad mf***er enough for NES
  12. Behr paint WOW!

    There are a couple rooms left if you d like to meditate lol
  13. Behr paint WOW!

    FYI that’s because they get contractor pricing and charge retail to the customers. Or just what they know and are used to.
  14. Behr paint WOW!

    No I didn’t!!! Is it still going?
  15. Behr paint WOW!

    We are in the process of painting the interior of the house and we decided to go with Behr paint after we saw a friends new construction home. I must say wow! This is (at least) the 3rd time this house is being painted and Behr Premium Plus is doing amazing so far. Great coverage and finish...
  16. Wife wants to turn on the heat already!

    Yeah i understand that there are some big bad dudes over here but I do love my wife and she loves her heat. Heat has been on in our house for the last couple weeks.
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