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  1. MASS Classic- Great match

    To all that set up and helped at this match- thank you so much. You picked some wonderful weather and put together a great match. I'll admit I kept getting the urge to go tape, but after a while it was nice to just sit and watch. I know this put an extra load on an already busy staff so I...
  2. Home Umbrella policy.... Ins Co telling us they need a list of my guns????

    Is this BS or what?? I don't want to give my damn Ins Co a list!! They know I have them why do they need a Fing list??? Pisses me off. They are saying my ins will be dropped if I don't give them this info.. I've had this insurance with them for years and now this?
  3. New Production Master, SS A

    Congrats Jerry! Glad to see you made Master- you've worked your ass off for it. Also- nice work to Chuck Z- he's on fire with his single stack! Shooting minor too. Nice.
  4. Propane prices?

    I'm north of Boston and wanted to get some propane heating prices in the area. I think I'm over $3.00 and it seems high. This is not a call when you need it service- they come automatically which is what I want. Thanks.
  5. Something for Team Bacon and the dream machine...
  6. Westfield July 4th- USPSA Classifier match

    Is anyone else crazy enough to attend this match? I want to go but it's not going to be easy.... anyone know which classifiers they are running?
  7. I admit... I did something environmentally unsafe.

    Old almost empty aerosol paint can. I had to see if I could hit it from 35 yds standing freestyle with my Glock. 3rd try was a charm. 1st two shots were just off. Note quite what is happening with the BP mess but I felt bad. [laugh] Oh and Mike- yeah- I was lucky it was the can that blew...
  8. 2009 Pilot rack and pinion replacement?

    My wife's car has been making funny groaning noises when turning the wheel when stopped or pulling out of a parking spot, etc. The dealer said they are going to replace the rack and pinion and the steering pump. Anyone heard of this problem? I'm surprised they would need to replace it with so...
  9. Sunday's Westfield USPSA match?

    Does anyone know if this is a regular match or a classifier match? Thanks.
  10. USPSA matches this weekend- which one?

    There seem to be a few in the area including Westfield, Manville and Maine- which are you guys heading to?
  11. Plumber recommendation in Andover area

    Guys- If anyone knows of a good plumber in the area please let me know. I had a pipe on the outlet side of my water heater spring a leak and my "regular" plumber is jammed up and can't get here for a couple days. [frown] Fortunately the main shut off works fine. Going back to bed for a...
  12. 2010 New England Region IDPA Match, August 14-15- Registraton is open!

    Folks, Registration for the New England Regional IDPA match will start on 4/21 at This match will be hosted on August 14-15 by MetroWest Tactical at the Harvard Sportsmen's Club with help from many of our local friends from other clubs. Cost is $95 and will be 14 stages...
  13. Windy as all hell!!

    Damn! Power is out.. hearing branches snapping, wind is crazy! Scary! Battery on laptop with wireless network card keeping me busy. Too noisy to sleep!
  14. 2010 MetroWestTactical IDPA Schedule

    January 23, Saturday IDPA "Nor'easter 2010" match Action Pits/Indoor Range March 6, Saturday "Introduction to IDPA" clinic Action Pits/Indoor Range/Clubhouse April 3, Saturday IDPA match Action Pits/Indoor Range...
  15. 2010 MetroWestTactical Nor'easter IDPA Match

    Hello, fellow shooters. New year is already here, as well as MetroWestTactical (MWT) winter match. This season, Nor'easter will take place on January 23, 2010 at Harvard Sportsmen's Club. Registration starts at 9:15, safety briefing at 9:45. first shot at 10:00 am. Expect to enjoy 2...
  16. USPSA/IDPA professional classes coming up??

    I've noticed Manny Bragg and some other instructors are setting up classes running in the spring (I guess they are planning schedules now). I'd be very intrested in somenkind of advanced training classes. I took one last year with Matt Burkett and would love to do something with someone else...
  17. Benelli dealers north of Boston?

    I checked out a Super Nova at KTP... really liked it and I want a pump gun. Are there any local dealers around here?
  18. USPSA matches at HSC, etc in 2010?

    Anyone know what the schedule is yet? Just trying to block in dates for next year at the local USPSA matches. Only ones on uspsa-ne are BUAS and S&W so far.
  19. This country is in trouble...

    Two hours in traffic made my think of some things that make me wonder what the hell is happening in this country..... mostly random thoughts of varying significance... National healthcare that I don't want! Government that is huge and growing out of control. Cookie Monster now eats more...
  20. Woodpecker issues!

    This is the 2nd year in a row woodpecker(s) seem to be attacking my house- same time of year as well! Last year I had two golf ball sized holes in the corner of our house. Covered the board with metal sheet until I replaced the corner trim this year. Today they are back- at least one...
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