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    X-carry sold

  3. WTS Husqvarna Snow Thrower ST224P in Great Condition, $550

    Three-year-old Husqvarna Snow Thrower ST224P in Great Condition. Used only one Winter. Just test today and run well. Engine Warranty to November 2020. Paid $900. Ask $550 OBRO. Not interested in trade. FTF You need to pick up at Winchester, MA
  4. Westford Sportsmen's Club ATA Marathons 2019

    You can shoot as many as you could handle. All results will be ATA registered targets.
  5. The Atlantic’s Dick Polman: Democrats Need ‘a New Massacre’ to Make Gun Control Push

    what Polman suggests is to manufacture a trajety to reach their gun control objective. See Matthew Bracken's fiction, "Enemies: Foreign and Domestic"
  6. SOLD Free 3-wheel stroller for your DIY range cart

    Found another 3-wheel stroller for you to make your own DIY range cart. In excellent condition. See YouTube or online for example how to make it. It is free for yours, but I hope you could donate $10 to GOAL (Gun Owners' Action League of Massachusetts | . meet near Woburn area I could
  7. Possible officer down, south shore hospital

    RIP. Was the LEO afraid to fire at the suspect because of liberal’s anti-police effort?!!! Think of a scenario if police fired, either kill or injured the suspect with a rock on his hand. All liberal media and politicians would be all over the policeman, no question about it.
  8. A little “more” fun with ammo crates

    Nice, a couple of these on your office table top, :-)
  9. Snow plowing help in Winchester.

    I need some help on snow removal/plowing for the Wed storm at Winchester. If you are in the area and willing to help. Please PM me to discuss. It does not have to be done on Wed during the day. Evening or Thursday is OK. Thanks. James.
  10. I wonder who would sell a Milsurp to Cabelas Gun Library?

    Should contact that young guy’s supervisor to see if he was truthful. He needs a lesson - for his own benefit!
  11. WTH? I'm a Grandfather

    while waiting for the vet to call, google to see if there any help online about handling/feeding baby rabbit. They need nutrition for sure.
  12. M1 Garand Smith wanted

    Thanks for the comment. The M2 is from same lot. They are in spam-can of 24 enblocs. (Bought a few of cans a while back) I will check the sequence of shots. I had a spotter but did not record sequence before. I will also bring my chrony - have not used it for a while.
  13. M1 Garand Smith wanted

    thanks for the tips. I used to take down M1 often, and now I know. mac1911 also suggested a good cleaning and I will get some Sweete's 7.62.
  14. M1 Garand Smith wanted

    Will shot more in new few weekends. What they did was to use the 30 cal scoring gauge to see if paper target could be picked up by pulling the gauge upward. For all other holes and the ones on another target, the paper will be pull up together with the gauge. Only two hole that seems too big...
  15. M1 Garand Smith wanted

    @mac1911, thanks! here are a couple of targets at 100 yard yesterday. Shoot 3 enblocs before the range getting too many people. We use a 30 cal measure to check(what is the official name of the device?) , I was told that there could be two doubles in first targets
  16. M1 Garand Smith wanted

    I shot about 3-4 enblocs total- did not have sufficient daylight. Will spend more time on it next weekend and I then probably try more HXP before comparing with Creedmoor's
  17. M1 Garand Smith wanted

    I just could not figure out the 8th bullet. Will try more tomorrow. They said that the Creedmoor brass is worth $1.00 each new (Lapua) so I am saving them for my next stage of the project. Btw, went to see Henry at Noal's to get a M1 Carbine trigger housing pin. Nice guy! Thanks for the intro!
  18. M1 Garand Smith wanted

    Update: Following suggestions here (Orlando etc) and Warm_Garand's tips on checking and fix clearance for the op rod. I shoot the M1 the first time today. Unfortunately that I was too exciting and forgot to bring any 100 yards targets. So I used my pistol targets in the bag and only shoot at...
  19. M1 Garand Smith wanted

    Thanks for the info. Yes I will refer to Orlando's suggestion/pictures on relieving fore-arm and op rod area. yes, I will come to HSC to shoot and join too!
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