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  1. Super Tuesday

    Who is pulling a Democratic ballot on Super Tuesday and voting for ”anybody but Warren”?
  2. Amicus Brief In 9th Circuit - What arms are "common"

    What arms are "common"? Maybe with the new makeup of the 9th Circuit this will go the good guys way. Who am I kidding - gunz!
  3. Gun Deaths are Cultural

    Interesting article: Gun Deaths are Cultural?
  4. Whence gun crime....

    Interesting take on gun use stats....not that any NES readers didn't already know The Phantom Soapbox: Worth repeating: 50% of crime happens in 2% of America (and Canada!)
  5. Loader for Fixed Mag AR's

    Gunsmith uses 19th Century technology to fight ridiculous gun laws Looks sweet - F' California
  6. PA Supreme Court cannot be searched for carrying

    In Allentown case, state Supreme Court says police can’t search suspects just because they’re armed On 4th Amendment grounds Link to opinion:
  7. Concealed Carry -FBI report

    FBI Report Highlights Effectiveness of Concealed Carry Small sample, but supports the cause.
  8. Gun Control - Two Americas

    Pretty much sums it up.
  9. Definitions are important..especially who makes them
  10. Another one for the good guys --7th circuit ruling
  11. Heroin deaths now out number gun homicides
  12. How did this get published?
  13. Not in the news....
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