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  1. SOLD AR-15, preban 30 round magazines

    Location : PLYMOUTH, MA Description : Parsons Precision, 30 round pre-ban magazines. I have two availabl Accessories : N/A Selling Terms : FTF anywhere within 20-30 mins of plymouth Price : $60 takes em both Contact Information: PM Pictures: Statement of Legal compliance: I will comply...
  2. WTS Aqua Lung Scuba BCD

    For sale: Aqua Lung Balance BCD size , includes aqua lung air 2 regulator/inflator. Vest is in great shape, mostly freshwater diving. terms: $250 cash or paypal terms: $250 cash or paypal Face to face in the Plymouth MA area or I can ship for $20 additional.
  3. WTS Glock 43 holsters

    WTS or WTT Tier One Concealment Agis Holster for a Glock 43 and spare magazine. Great condition. Also a De-Santis leather holster in great condition price: $75 - tier one $20 - leather I live near Plymouth MA, cash, PayPal or Venmo works. Can do face to face or mail. I will cover shipping...
  4. SOLD WTS/WTT Brownells A1 stock w/install kit

    For sale or trade: Brownells A1, retro stock with buffer tube, buffer spring, and buffer. Never fired. Can meet somewhere on the south shore between Plymouth and Braintree or I can ship it to you free of charge price: $70, (PayPal cash venmo) or I will trade for two pre ban AR15 magazines or...
  5. SOLD Magpul ACS Stock, Streamlight Protac weapon light, and more

    Location : Plymouth Area of MASS Description : See pics below Selling Terms : cash FTF, venmo, paypal F&F, Price : see prices below, add $5 for flat rate shipping Contact Information: PM magpul ACS-L = $40 LWRC stock = $20 B5 Grip stop = $20 magpul foregrip = $10 Universal 1 inch...
  6. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    I’m curious to watch how the virus spreads in Iran over the next couple of weeks.
  7. Range gear recommendations please.

    A printed copy of the range rules at your club. A tourniquet. A cleaning rod.
  8. WTB A1 style butt stock

    I am looking to buy a M16, A1 style butt stock with buffer spring and buffer, ie a full kit. shoot me a DM if you have it, I live on the south shore of MA.
  9. WTB M14/M1A preban magazine

    WTB M14/M1A preban magazines PM me. Willing to pay shipping cost. I can do cash, PayPal or venmo
  10. WTS Glock overwatch Precision trigger

    For sale: Overwatch Precision Trigger w/OP NP3 coated trigger bar. This retails for about $130. It is a size “small” and thus will fit the following glock models: G17, 19, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 31, 32, it will fit more models but I would consult the company prior to purchase. It is in excellent...
  11. Firepen for civilians?

    I’ve used them. They’re interesting. Check out
  12. SCOTUS: Police can draw blood from an unconscious person

    In the situation you described who then would test the blood for alcohol content? The state crime lab?
  13. SCOTUS: Police can draw blood from an unconscious person

    Furthermore regarding Massachusetts OUI law, the police cannot order a healthcare provider to forcefully draw your blood. I wish I could cite the specific laws, I am however speaking from significant experience on the matter.
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