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  1. It must be snowing in hell......
  2. Joy strikes again.......”don’t tell them we’re coming for their guns”
  3. Bye bye Beto
  4. Just an FYI......they’re coming after the ammo

    2020 Democratic Candidate: We Need to Stop Selling AR-15 Ammo - GunsAmerica Digest
  5. Any ADT guys here ?

    Having a problem with a wireless window sensor. I want to just remove it but I assume I need a “secret code” to remove it from the system panel. Can anyone advise ? Thanks in advance
  6. Rumor control

    multiple sources are reporting possible suicide of metro-boston gun shop owner. Can’t get confirmation.
  7. Healey Slapped down ?

    just saw on-line from New Boston Post website that a Worcester Federal judge will allow the lawsuit against AG Healey to move forward. maybe somebody who is more computer literate than me can find it and post it.
  8. Painting Mass. license plate ?

    Noticed today that one of my license plates is badly weathered, I google searched and couldn't find anything on wether I'm responsible for maintaining the plates or not. Am I "authorized" to repaint them ?
  9. NH non-resident pistol permit

    The application asks for your reason for applying, will "for all purposes" be OK or should I use another reason ?
  10. Gun lube question

    Fairly new to guns so i have one question, how do you know when a gun is too dry or too "oiled" ? I know the first 4-5 answers I can ignore ! : )
  11. House votes to let mentally ill buy guns

    Headline on CNN website....."house votes to let mentally ill buy guns".......sigh.....
  12. "Mass gun rights". Scam or legit

    Keep seeing ad for this on facebook, scam or legit ?
  13. Taking gun to florida

    2 part question: I want to take my 9mm to Florida, for now, I'll fly, so should I get Utah or Florida gun a few years, I'll drive, which would be better if I drove ?
  14. Conspiracy theory

    Stock Market is up over 300 points on the day before the election. I smell a rat !
  15. Any roofers ?

    What would cause a "bump" in a small area on an asphalt shingled roof ?
  16. Price to replace oil tank ?

    Any idea of how much it would cost to replace 275 gal. Basement oil tank ?
  17. New town gun lawsuit dismissed ??

    Saw quick breaking news flash, Newtown gun lawsuit dismissed, can anyone confirm ??
  18. California strikes again!

    Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law on Monday mandating cow farts be controlled for climate change. By 2030, California dairy farmers must reduce cow fart methane by 40%......God help us all !
  19. Half of guns owned by 3%

    From WCVB website......half of guns in US are owned by 3% of population.....just sayin'
  20. Gadsden flag may be discrimination

    The EEOC may make a decision that the "Don't tread on me" flag may be a form of racial just gets better and better
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