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  1. Sign for delivery

    This is solid Gold. :)
  2. Is anyone starting to think all these closings are going a bit too far?

    Thank you sir... for sharing these thoughts. We will get past this. You are right as well on the United States. If any nation is going to kick ass when this is over it will be us.
  3. Is anyone starting to think all these closings are going a bit too far?

    I am conflicted about it. I've read about what happened in 1918. It is absolutely horrifying. I mean the length of it back then. How it came in waves. How it mutated and the second wave in the Fall became what we know today in the general public. On the other hand what we are doing to...
  4. Is this the reset we've been waiting for?

    I sincerely hope you are right
  5. Is this the reset we've been waiting for?

    Things are going to get much much worse. We are only at the beginning of this. Next week we will see the unemployment numbers and the markets are going to head to territory that has not been seen in living memory. Next we will see big numbers in infections and death. It is just math and not...
  6. Bad Booze

    I am not a big mixed drink guy the last few years, but one thing I avoid overall is Absolut Vodka. Every single time I've had it I got a serious headache.
  7. Irish Whiskey v. Scotch Whisky

    I've been a Bourbon drinker until recently. Right now I am drinking a Scotch called Monkey Shoulder. Great stuff and reasonably priced. Based on this thread I will try Redbreast. Thanks
  8. Is Massachusetts unique in the density of gun clubs in the state?

    I have had similar conversations with a couple of folks recently. One of them lives in North Georgia and the other in suburbs around Charlotte, NC. Both of them are gun owners and love to shoot. They both told me that one issue they have is the distance they need to travel to get to a range...
  9. Lower Back Disc Issues

    About ten years ago I had bad back pain. Around that time I started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). I credit exercising and strengthening my core body for helping to make that pain disappear. Within the last year I had an injury, non-BJJ related, where I torn a pectoral tendon. So...
  10. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    Twin River Casino is to close at midnight tonight. It will remain closed for one week. At that time the situation will be reviewed before reopening.
  11. What are you reading?

    "The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History" by John M. Barry I had no idea about most of this period in history. Also, had no idea of the significance of John Hopkins University until now. Still working through it but it is interesting and fairly easy to read.
  12. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    Ditto for me here. Also we are all being asked to log in remotely tonight to stress the network.
  13. Closings, Cancellations, State of Emergency, announcements due to Coronavirus?

    Commonwealth Financial in Waltham had one of its employees attend a conference in Boston where an individual was tested positive. Not the employee himself but since he was there it is a problem I guess. Sorry I do not know the specific conference. Anyway, they told all employees to Work From...
  14. Show me your watches. :)

    Got a Black Bay 58 recently.
  15. Stella Awards 2013

    The 1st prize one is particularly Amazing. I mean WTF. :-)
  16. Confirmed Food Life - Personal Experience In Long Term Storage

    I do not disagree with anyone here on this subject, BUT I have heard about botulism. It sounds like scary stuff. I assume the biggest concern there is around canned foods. From the CDC " You cannot see, smell, or taste botulinum toxin – but taking even a small taste of food containing this...
  17. The Arts Martial (A Megathread)

    I have been training in BJJ for 9 years. I think if you don't train with a gi you are limiting yourself. You should start there and then move to no-gi training. You cannot go the other way. Well you cannot go the other way easily. No-gi is very limiting IMHO. By not grabbing clothing of...
  18. Tips for Financial Independence?

    I think David Ramsey and his baby steps method is the core. I wish I read more books like his when I was in my twenties. I just had no idea. No one in my schooling or family taught me a damn thing about financial literacy. There are a hundred other books but his is a really good start. Then...
  19. Safety Razor vs Cartridge Razor Who's Using What?

    In 2018 I got sick of spending $30 plus on a pack of cartridge razors. I knew that I was going to have to start working in an office again and needed to shave everyday. So I started to look for... alternatives. I had no idea there was a whole bunch of folks using safety razors and some...

    Wow. I missed this thread back in March. I own a VP9 and have shot it at USPSA many times. This slide looks pretty sweet. Hope they are offered again soon. Since this Slide is after market and I see cut outs in it I assume this could not be used in the Production category. I think it...
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