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  1. looking for someone to replace leather on seat

    I have an office chair that I love...its not an antique or anything but its solid and comfy...the leather seat is cracked/ripped...but the wood frame is in great shape...I'm looking for someone or a recommendation of someone to replace the leather...I reached out to a restoration company and...
  2. Glock to release new 10rd G43x.

    Not sure how it will fit my hand....but I will end up trying it out and if it fits well I'll end up with it
  3. CZ carry package

  4. CZ carry package

  5. CZ carry package

  6. CZ carry package

  7. Add Levi Strauss to the list.

    F them
  8. CZ carry package

  9. OTA Antenna for TV

    thanks for the offer...very generous ...I'm still looking for an installer since I don't do roofs, but I'll reach out when I get one
  10. OTA Antenna for TV

    I took a walk around my neighborhood and noticed 5 houses in the area with roof antennas so it looks like it should work if I can find an installer
  11. Nike Loses $3.75 Billion in Market Cap After Colin Kaepernick Named Face of ‘Just Do It’ Ads

    the articles I read said Nike wants to attract the young urban crowd...they think it will more than make up for the people who claim they will boycott
  12. OTA Antenna for TV

    unfortunately blue hills is in between me and the Needham transmitter...I'm pretty sure why the indoor ones didn't work
  13. OTA Antenna for TV

    thanks I tried a highly rated indoor one and it would not work because of the interference with Blue hills
  14. OTA Antenna for TV

    thanks...that web page reinforced that I need a good rooftop I need an installer
  15. OTA Antenna for TV

    Hi I'm looking into adding an OTA antenna to my roof for the patriot season...anyone know of any installers in the south shore area? I live right near blue hills and with the TVFOOL report and the help from antennadirect I think a roof top might be enough...thanks for any advice or suggested...
  16. CZ carry package

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