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  1. Am I being trolled by Amazon

    So I have recently made a few purchases on Amazon of firearms related products. A few parts a few accessories and what not. Today I had an envelope with no return address, but emblazoned with Prime Day July 15-16 all over it. Inside with no invoice or any other paper was a book. ‘The Hidden...
  2. Sanford Springvale June USPSA

    I can’t find today’s match scores on PractiScore. Anyone know what’s up with them?
  3. Finally an answer.....

    I was arguing with yet another libtard anti tonight when they ask the inevitable question "Why do you need more than 10 bullets in a clip?" and I just blurt out "Because someday I may meet the guy that wrote the Fish McBites song, and I want to have enough!" Five seconds of stunned silence...
  4. CA Doctor Shot

    Cops Arrest 75-Year-Old in Newport Beach Doctor Shooting | NBC Southern California Maybe the guy was just giving the 7 round magazine a try. Seriously though, my heart goes out to the family of the doctor.
  5. Was I being punked when I read this? I did a search and couldn't find anything on this. hope it's not a dupe. (but if it is, I'm sure someone will point it out with alacrity.)
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