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  1. WTS Multiple BNIB Sig Sauer 9mm P229 models for sale

    I have many Sig Sauer brand new in box P229 models available. Cash discounts of 3% available P229 Emperor Scorpion $920.94 + tax P229 Enhanced Elite $814.31 + tax P229 Legacy $824 + tax P229 Legion $1211.76 + tax P229 Legion SAO $1211.76 + tax
  2. WTS Multiple BNIB FN 509 models for sale

    Multiple FN 509 models in stock and available. Cash discount of 3% available FN 509 Tactical $920.94 + tax. Both FDE and Black FN 509 Mid size MRD (optics ready) $727.06 + tax FN 509 Compact MRD (optics ready) $727.06 + tax. FDE and Black available
  3. Wide selection of firearms available

    Open Saturday 9am-1pm (at least) and Wednesday evening 6pm-9pm. Also available by appointment Cash OTD represents price + tax less 3% cash discount PM, text or email with any questions Randy 978 707 9357 [email protected]
  4. WTS BNIB Keltec KS7 ODG 12 Gauge shotgun $508.24

    Brand new keltec shotgun. cash price $508.24+tax=$540 plastic add 3%
  5. WTS BNIB Sig Sauer P229 Legacy 9mm $800

    Brand new Sig Sauer P229 Legacy 9mm. Sig Lite night sights, short reset trigger. box, 2 mags, paperwork. Cash price $800 + tax = $850 Plastic add 3%
  6. WTS BNIB FN PS90 5.7x28mm $1411.76

    Brand new FN PS90. Comes with 1 10rd magazine or 1 30rd magazine if you are LEO. Cash Price $1411.76 + tax = $1500 Plastic add 3%
  7. WTS Sig Sauer CO2 Rifles and supplies

    Sig Sauer MPX Black CO2 .177 Pellet with 20mm Sig red dot Cash price $225 Sig Sauer MCX Black or FDE CO2 .177 Pellet with 20mm Sig red dot Cash price $250 Extra 30rd Magazines $25 2 pack 90gr CO2 $15 500 .177 Pellets $10 Also available Crosman DSBR DPMS Air Rifle Semi/Full Auto 4.5mm BB...
  8. WTS BNIB Mossberg MC-1 SC 9mm $301.18

    Brand new Mossberg MC-1 SC 9mm 2 mags, 7+1 capacity Cash price $301.18 + tax = $320 plastic add 3%
  9. WTS BNB FN Scar 20S 7.62x51mm NATO $4047.05

    Brand new Scar 20S. Cash price is $4047.06 + tax = $4300 Plastic add 3% CALIBER: 7.62x51mm OPERATION: Short-stroke gas piston MAG CAPACITY: 10 Rd. BARREL LENGTH: 20" OVERALL LENGTH: 40.6" - 42.5" WEIGHT: 11.2 lbs. PRIMARY FEATURES Extended monolithic receiver Short-stroke gas piston...
  10. WTS BNIB Walther PPK and PPK/S 380 ACP $800

    Unfortunately Walther raised their prices on 1/1/20 and I had to raise my price accordingly. Brand new Walther PPK and PPK/S 380ACP. Available in stainless and blued, PPK and PPK/S Current stock is PPK stainless. Always getting new ones in so if I don't have it in stock, just ask. Cash...
  11. WTS BNIB Sig Sauer P229 Classic Carry 9mm $705.88

    Brand new Sig Sauer P229 Classic Carry 9mm. DA/SA Nitron finish Alloy Frame G10 grips 3.9" barrel length Siglite Night Sights Short Reset Trigger 3 magazines (10rds, 13rds with LEO id) Cash price $705.88 + tax = $750 Plastic add 3% Great price on the P229
  12. WTS BNIB Springfield XD-S 3.3" 45ACP $400

    Brand new Springfield XD-S 3.3" 45ACP, Gray frame Cash price $400 + tax = $425 plastic add 3%
  13. WTS BNIB Springfield 1911 TRP Operator 10mm $1411.76

    Brand new Springfield 1911-A1 TRP 10mm 5" model cash price $1411.71 + tax = 1500 Plastic add 3%
  14. WTS BNIB S&W Model 41 7" 22LR $1101.18

    Brand new Smith & Wesson Model 41 7" 22LR Model 41 | Smith & Wesson Features • Precision, button-rifled barrel • Micrometer click adjustable target rear sight with Undercut Patridge front sight • Ergonomic checkered target grips • Crisp target trigger factor set at 2.75 to 3.25 lbs. • User...
  15. WTS FID Eligible AR-15 Style Rifle in 223/556

    Only have an FID? Always wanted an AR-15? How about a fixed magazine 10rd AR-15 style rifle newly manufactured in MA to be compliant with the edicts of our AG on 7/20/2016. MA Compliant AR15 style 10rd fixed magazine rifle manufactured in MA by a federally licensed firearms manufacturer (FFL...
  16. WTS Newly Manufactured AR-15 Style rifle with two uppers 223/556 & 300BLK

    MA Compliant AR15 style 10rd fixed magazine rifle manufactured in MA by a federally licensed firearms manufacturer (FFL 07). FID Eligible Comes with two uppers, 223 Wylde and 300 BLK Specifications: Forged Billet Lower Receiver Magpul MOE Fixed Carbine Stock Trinity Force Quick Release...
  17. Dean Safety

    New dealer account for my business Dean Safety 410 Great Rd, Suite 622Q Littleton, MA 01460 I am directly across the hall from Minuteman Armament in the Mill with all the FFLs that One-Eyed Jack is always announcing. I am an 07 FFL/SOT and do sales by appointment. CrackPot is my regular NES...
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