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  1. Air Rifle near Boston

    Just starting to teach my 9 y/o about gun safety with a BB Gun (Red Rider!). Is there a club near Boston that permits air rifles somewhere? Ideally not on the pistol or rifle ranges. Many thanks!
  2. Skeet Lesson

    Anyone ever taken a lesson with Angelo Troisi at Minute Man? Any thoughts? Thanks
  3. Storing Guns in Apartment Buildings

    I'm hoping this is a relatively simple question. If you live in a multi-unit apartment building (in MA) wtih a shared basement storage area, can you store a gun in a locked case in that shared basement? Common sense dictates that you put the locked case inside some other kind of locked storage...
  4. Non-Resident "traveling" with Shotgun

    A friend, who grew up in Mass and now lives in CA, is coming to visit in a week or so. He has a shotgun at his parents' house that he'd like to bring back to CA. Our plan is to pick it up on our way down to the Cape for a few days and then for us to drive straight back to the airport and for...
  5. Club that I can shoot shotgun anytime

    Well not anytime but is there any club within a hour of Boston (minuteman, Mass Rifle, Westford, Lowell, Leominster, Nashoba or others) where I can go by myself or with a friend during a non-organized time and shoot trap or skeet? I know westford has a manual thrower and voice activated trap...
  6. Club with Loaner or Rental Shotguns

    Anyone know of any Eastern MA club that has a decent selection of shotguns for loan/rent? Thanks
  7. Shotgun (clay shooting) Instruction

    Sorry if this belongs in another section. I'm a pretty new shooter looking to develop good habits to practice before I develop bad ones that I have to work to get rid of. Can anyone recommend someone in eastern MA who knows shotguns and gives instruction on the basics. I plan to shoot clays...
  8. Club for Shotgunning Near Boston

    I'm a new shotgunner looking for a club to join to shoot clays, hopefully not too far from Boston. I'm pretty inexperienced so hope to find a place with members who are willing to give a newbie some guidance once in a while. Thanks very much for any suggestions.
  9. New Shotgunner looking for first O/U

    This site s a great resource. I shot a shotgun (first gun ever) this past winter and was very quickly hooked. I live in Boston and just applied for my Class A LTC, passed the Moon Island test and am awaiting a license. Very much looking forward to buying my first shotgun and joining a local...
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