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  1. Lookin for quality contractor/builder in central MA for house addition

    Title is clear. Looking to add as large of an addition as the law will low. Good economy has given everyone with a truck the right to baptize himself a contractor. Anyways, looking for the real deal. This will be an in-law addition so it will require plumbing and electricity, etc. Leads are...
  2. Anyone here installs wood/pellet stoves?

    The whole set up. If needed I can buy my own. In Worcester
  3. Behr paint WOW!

    We are in the process of painting the interior of the house and we decided to go with Behr paint after we saw a friends new construction home. I must say wow! This is (at least) the 3rd time this house is being painted and Behr Premium Plus is doing amazing so far. Great coverage and finish...
  4. Bathroom remodel cost and recommendations

    We want to remodel two full small bathrooms. Property is located in Worcester. Looking for some experience on what you guys have paid and/or if we have anyone here who does that kind of work and wants the project.
  5. Discussion Q1 nurse-patient limits

    Very interesting opinions out there. Seems like nurses are torn in half too. The union fanatics are all about the limits. Established nurses in big hospitals seem to be against the limit. I spoke to several of my nurse friends and getting both extremes. I know the crowd here is less government...
  6. Recommend shop to replace windshield

    Preferably in Central MA. My 6 year old windshield has a lot of chips and scratches. No cracks. I would like to get replaced. OEM quality is superior and I’m concerned because I never had issues with leaks or humidity in this car. I have used SafetyGlass in the past on other vehicles that I...
  7. Where to purchase Patriots tickets

    Ok, I know most are boycotting the NFL here but I also know there are some serious fans. Wife wants to go, she’s never been to a game. I have only been to games before because other s handled everything. So I have no idea where I can find decent and legit tickets. Seats don’t need to be...
  8. Why they keep winning elections

    While mowing my lawn this afternoon a gentleman walked up to me. He knew my full name and asked for a minute of my time. He presented two flyer one of Warren and one of Maura. Requested my support for the upcoming election, and if I need more information on them. I said I am a big supporter and...
  9. Looking for someone to build a shed in Worcester

    We had used someone few years back at my old house but I didn’t save contact info. I need a shed build on site. Probably 7 x 10 or close to that. If anyone has any recommendations please post or PM.
  10. NH has to change... but why ?

    View: Crazy times to be alive
  11. Trimming overgrown & forgotten shrubs

    We just got an investment property and you can tell the previous owner did not give a damn about the landscape. The yard is in overall terrible shape and it will be some serious work to clean up but we will get it done. My question is about the shrubs. Those haven’t been touched in at least...
  12. Walmart Auto Center - any experience?

    Has anyone here used Walmart Auto Center for anything? The online reviews are horrifying. I know this is a very anti-Walmart crowd but I’m curious if anyone has tried them out.
  13. How you get good quality lawn?

    I seeded about a month ago and nothing happened. About two weeks ago I used Scott’s Weed & Feed. I watered the lawn and we got decent amount of rain. Do I need to reseeed? I have several yellow and bold spots. Also I have about 800 sq ft in back yard that is covered by the house and trees...
  14. Armed citizen stops armed robbery Worcester
  15. recommend pressure washer

    Any suggestions on a pressure washed that can do my deck, concrete steps, siding and possibly sidewalk? Most likely gas model and portable would be really nice.
  16. Intense shooting training

    View: Zero chance I’d ever stand between a gun and a target volunterely
  17. Change passenger for booked flight with JetBlue?

    So earlier this month a buddy and I booked a trip to Texas for this weekend. For some personal reasons he just bailed. I booked the tickets with AMEX. Can I just change the name of the passenger and have someone else come with me?
  18. Worcester process still easy?

    Friend is going today for LTC appointment. I helped him fill out the application. We did the two letters of recommendation. When I got mine it was a simple process. Went in, did finger prints. Asked me a couple questions about my background. And that was it. Still the same?
  19. When you suddenly feel the need for protection

    there is a friend who I respect a lot. We are both in the RE industry and have known him for a decade. He had very strong anti opinions this entire time that I know him. But he was the kind of anti that you can converse with. No emotions just facts and opinions. Yesterday he tagged me in fb...
  20. Oil boiler shut off and now white smoke is coming out

    left the house this morning everything was working fine. Wife called me 10 minutes ago saying the house is cold and there is no hot water. We FaceTimed. Boiler temp was 0 and so was pressure. And a res light was on. She hit the red button restart it. She said it sounded different but...
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