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  1. Beginner Base Station

    Any recommendations for a beginner HAM base station? Considering at the Yaesu FT-450D. Price point is good, willing to spend a bit more though. Thanks for the advise!
  2. Full-panel GFCI Generator -> Transfer Switch

    Quick question for the electricians here. We're moving into a home soon and having a backup transfer switch installed. I'm considering purchasing this generator. Westinghouse WPRO8500 WPro8500 - 8500 Watt Electric Start Professional Portable Generator w/ Wireless Remote Lots of nice features...
  3. WTS Colt Delta Elite 10mm - $950

    Selling my unfired Colt Delta Elite 10mm. FTF on your NH P&R. Cash or discreet Paypal.
  4. WTS Ruger Gunsite Scout 308 + XS Rail - $700

    Selling my never-shot Ruger Gunsite Scout in 308 with XS full-length rail. Includes PWS FSC30 compensator, bi-pod, and two 10-round mags. Asking $700. Cash only, FTF View:
  5. Gunsmith for AR10 assembly?

    Anyone aware of a gunsmith in NH who would be able to assemble an AR10? Spent a lot on the parts, don't have the headspace gauges and torque tools for this platform, just want it put together right the first time. Thanks!
  6. Crossbreed Holsters Instructor Belt?

    Anyone using one of these? I like the idea of no buckle. Not seeing a whole lot of reviews online.
  7. WTS Benelli SuperNova 12G 26" Realtree APG HD Camo - Unfired - $575

    Up for sale is a Benelli SuperNova 12G. Unfired. Purchased from Impact Guns last year, been sitting in my safe since. Asking $575. Cash only. FTF on your NH P&R. All laws will be followed. Stock photo...
  8. Handgun engraving?

    I would like to have a Sig P232 stainless engraved for a special occasion. Artsy type shit. Real pretty like. Anyone know where one could have this done? Nicely. Thanks!
  9. Fuel gauge stuck on Honda generator

    Any clue why this might happen or how I can fix? It starts and runs fine. Only 3 years old. Thanks!
  10. Gun magnet

    Anyone have any experience with a gun magnet? Something like this or this. Reviews on Amazon are good. Thinking it might work well for under the desk or the bed.
  11. Trail cams?

    Hi all. I'm looking to pick up a trail cam. It's going in my back yard so not too worried about it getting jacked. I'm leaning towards the Browning Spec Ops but I don't like the fact that it's only effectively 2MP. Any input? Would like to get good pictures, don't need to worry about things like...
  12. My fiancee just popped my cherry...

    [smile] Wedding gift.
  13. Handheld GPS for hiking

    I'm thinking about picking up a handheld GPS unit for hiking. Waffling between the Garmin GPSMAP 62st and 64st. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  14. Backyard bullet trap

    Anyone done one? I'm thinking something like this. We are backed up by pond with no neighbors in that direction, so I'm not really worried about having a round go wild and hurt someone, but I'd prefer to keep the lead out of the ground. This isn't a question of whether it's legal or not. Looking...
  15. Bought a Taser C2, says requires activation

    When did this happen? My model happens to be pre-activated, but WTF? Criminal background check for a Taser?
  16. DSA RPD 7.62x39 @ AIM

    DSA, Inc. RPD 7.62x39 Rifle Am I crazy for seriously considering this?
  17. Security System Installer

    Anyone in NH do security system installations? I'm looking to have some outdoor cameras put in. I'd like to know if/when someone/something is on my property. Our GSD takes care of indoors. [wink] Thanks!
  18. NH AC Installer Recommendations

    Any recommendations for an AC retailer and installer in the Southern NH area? We just bought a 2600 sq ft house and are thinking about a two-zone mini-split unit. Thanks!
  19. Glock Gen4 Beavertails

    Anyone seen the stock Glock beavertails available online? Any local NE dealers stocking them?
  20. NH Jeweler Recommendations Needed

    Hi all. I'm looking for some recommendations on a jeweler up here in NH. I need to have a heirloom diamond reset and would like to have an appraisal done on the stone first. Any suggestions? Thanks! ETA: It would be great to find a jeweler who has experience working with antique or estate...
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