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  1. WTS Crimson Trace Laser Grip for M&P Compact

    Location : Raynham, MA Description : Crimson Trace Laser Grip for M&P 9 Compact and 40 Compact. Complete with box, instructions, adjustment wrench and new batteries. WILL NOT FIT 45 COMPACT! Accessories : NA Selling Terms : Cash or PayPal Price : $175 Contact Information: PM only...
  2. WTS Bodyguard 380 w/ extra magazine

    I have a bodyguard 380 for sale. Only 18 rounds have been through the pipe and it is clean and ready to go. Location : South Shore or Westborough Area Description : Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380 Accessories : extra magazine and pocket holster Selling Terms : cash only, no trades Price ...
  3. WTS 380 Target Ammo Value packs

    I picked up two UMC 250 round value packs of .380 FMJ target ammo at Bass Pro last week for a friend who was running low. Unfortunately he had found some and now I need to sell these. Not looking to make anything over what I paid. $100 per 250 round value pack. Location : South Shore of...
  4. Another MSM picture opportunity

    They will never miss an opportunity to push their "for the children" agenda by publishing pictures that show kids and guns. a**h***s. NRA, Biden Push Guns Back Into Political Spotlight | PBS NewsHour
  5. Picture in Washington Post article

    The photo included in this article is rather interesting eh? How blatant can they get?[rolleyes] The NRA won. Now comes the hard part.
  6. Police Log sends my wife on a major rant

    My wife reads the local police log once a week to see what is happening in town in regards to break ins. She starts losing her mind and I ask "what?". She reads me this entry: Incident #: 13002301 Date: 2013-03-06 21:13:34 Type: PROPERTY Location: 270 NEW STATE HWY Persons...
  7. Another Media Idiot's Opinion

    This guy suggests that a microchip be installed into guns that can be deactivated by electronic fences around schools/hospitals/etc. or by the .gov if needed. Brilliant[rolleyes]
  8. The Patriot Nurse talks about 2A and gun control

    Don't think this is a dupe. Love to hear from women who get it. She would get along great with my wife.
  9. Middleboro Gun Store

    I stopped by this store today as I was in the area. What a friendly and easygoing place. There was good conversation and true customer service. I picked up a spare magazine for my wife's BG380 and a few ammo storage boxes. They have a good selection of long guns and 15-20 handguns. Lots of...
  10. True Colors

    Once you make the decision to add CCW to your lifestyle it can expose the true colors of those around you. I cite two examples: 1. My wife - total support in my decision and has now applied for her own LTC and will carry on a daily basis. I was totally blown away by her initial support of my...
  11. First Day at the Range

    I am waiting on my LTC and trying to decide on my CCW and home defense pistols. A friend took me to the Ashland Fish and Game yesterday to try out a few of his guns to start getting some ideas. First up was a Walther PPS in 9mm. The grip was a little odd with my pinky kind of hanging off the...
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