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  1. Need screw for S&W model 10

    I have this model 10 , but can’t seem to find a screw for the top of the side plate. Gun Parts Corp doesn’t show it at all in their schematics. I ordered the other two, but they do not fit it. I probably should have tried one before I bought them. See photo. View...
  2. Do I need a special jig for an AR-9?

    I have two jigs for 80% lowers. I have an 80% jig and a Modulous Arms jig. These are the original jigs and I don’t know if there is anything different for an AR-9 as opposed to the AR-15. And in case it matters I’m looking far the Glock magazine compatibility. I might as well ask if...
  3. Delete

  4. Just lost all my water pressure

    I was taking a shower and had my back to the faucet. I thought the pressure was dropping and turned around to see solid brown water coming out. There is a bunch of rusty sand in the tub now too. I have town water and nothing in my house is leaking. It’s also both hot and cold so I’m ruling out...
  5. Shooting threat at Uxbridge School

    My stepdaughter got a letter from the school saying there was a graffiti threat written on the wall on the bathroom saying "I am going to shoot up the school".
  6. I don't even know how to title this.

    I can't even count the stupid.
  7. Pot grower hides from S.W.A.T

    I need to get a better disguise.
  8. Pawtucket RI Gun "buyback". This seems to be a short notice "event". I'm not going to be around. Too bad. I'd double the offer and buy what I could.
  9. Give Photobucket the middle finger and show photos anyway. Thank you add on extension

    Google Chrome had an extension for photobucket so you can see images posted on the forums. Just install the add on and clear your Cache. Rumor is Firefox has one also. I don't have the link for Firefox. I'd also still find another hosting site anyways, but for now F them...
  10. I found some AA 2520

    I use AA2520 for my highpower loads, as well as almost everyone on my team. I haven't see any since about mid 2008. I was in NH Saturday and stopped by shooters outpost and they had some. It was $21.99. for a 1lb bottle. I looked at an old one when I put mine away and it was $21.95. I wish I...
  11. DUI and ltc's

    I have a question for someone who is moving to Mass. He is currently building a house in Ma and will need an LTC. He has a DUI from somewhere not Massachusetts. Does this make him a PP or is it only a DUI in Mass?
  12. I put together my M1D

    So I bought this M1D from the CMP and added a reproduction scope and cheek pad. It's a June 1943 manufacture date. All parts are Springfield. I took it to the range last weekend to "sort of" get it sighted in until I got the cheek pad. The groups at 50 yards show good promise at about 1". I...
  13. Waiting to have my gall bladder removed. Finally scheduled for tomorrow.

    So I've been having stomach pains for a couple weeks. Some days extremely bad. I have been to the hospital 4 times in the two weeks and was told the tests showed nothing. I went to one hospital first and they told me it was nothing so I took their test results to another hospital and they said...
  14. Deer locked together from fighting.

    No problem, just let the Game Warden shoot an antler off. Who says Glocks aren't accurate?
  15. Sturbridge firearm and knife Feb 25 & 26

    Good show, bad show, indifferent? I've never been to this one, but might go this year.
  16. 18-Year-Old Rishi Sharma interviews WWII vets
  17. My improved Ruger 10/22

    So I bought this ruger 10/22 at an auction. It turned out to have a .17 Mach 2 barrel on it, which is nearly impossible to find anymore. So, I bought a KIDD Match Barrel with muzzle brake for it. Then the turrets on the BSA scope on keeps unscrewing instead of adjusting so I replaced it...
  18. Help support my grandsons run

    My grandson is doing a 30-35 lap run to raise money at his school. If anyone is so inclined to support him please do. even $5 would help. He goes to Uxbridge school. Thank You either way. He asked his mom to buy him some super fast shoes. Linkage...
  19. Cool video of a fly recovering in flight from a donut being shot

    If you look to the right of the donut there is a fly that gets caught in the blast.
  20. Uxbridge and LTC's Are they issuing unrestricted?

    My step daughter is going to apply for an LTC so I am wondering how Uxbridge is issuing permits? Are they doing unrestricted or will she be restricted for her first license? I tried searches but didn't get the info I would ike.
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