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  1. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    Dr. Bruce Aylward of the W.H.O. just implied that using masks should be as commonplace knowledge for a precaution as washing your hands: "First, you have to make sure everyone knows the basics: hand-washing, masks, not shaking hands, what the symptoms are." Source...
  2. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    My masks are leftover from the Ebola scare, would that make them Pre-Ban? If so, FS $125 a piece.
  3. Another respiratory virus from China (Coronavirus Megathread)

    I agree that the powers that be are just trying to dissuade the public from wearing masks to save the limited supply for the 'authorities'. I talked about it with a friend who is a nurse yesterday and she said of course wearing a mask is going to be better than not wearing one, not perfect but...
  4. headlamp recommendation?

    I use a Fenix HL30 every night when I walk the dog. It takes AA batteries. It has a couple of brightness levels, very happy with it.
  5. Good source for moving blankets?

    Thanks for the coupon Maddawg!
  6. Good source for moving blankets?

    I'd like to get some decent quality moving blanket (ie thick, not stinky), but after reading reviews for various sources online I'm confused as to what to buy. When I was growing up we always had some at the cottage and in the back of the car. I remember them as soft, heavy and warm. (of course...
  7. New 9MM EZ Shield from S&W

    I have the 380, I wonder how the 9 compares recoil-wise? I'd love to be able to shoot 9 again. Not only do I have arthritis in my right hand, I'm writing this post with broken right wrist. Maybe some day an EZ45?
  8. legality/ethicality of shooting coyote with paintball/bb in MA

    I think the days of leaving small dogs unattended in a back yard are over in most areas around here. I live in downtown Newburyport, and I woke up to a fishercat in my backyard a few years ago. I'd like to be able to shoot coyotes and fishercats on sight. But I agree, the 6' stockade fence is...
  9. Goodbye Brownie Dog

    What a beautiful girl - you can tell in her face what a sweetie she was. Be grateful for the time you had and how happy you made each other. (nothing hurts like losing a pup)
  10. UMass Medical students join SAFE call for gun violence prevention

    I had a doctor's appointment 3 weeks ago. Prior to seeing the doc, a med tech sat with me, asking me a bunch of questions - one of them was, 'do I feel safe at home?'. No mention of firearms.
  11. Pet euthanasia at home

    Very sorry for your loss - find comfort in your memories of her. You gave her a nice life. (Nothing hurts like losing a beloved pet)
  12. SOLD - 9mm Perfecta - 28 boxes in ammo can

    SOLD 28 boxes (50 in each) of Perfecta for $225 Ammo boxes will be in large plastic ammo can. There are 27 boxes in the photo, but I found another one to add to the deal, so total is 28 boxes. Selling my 9mm glock, don't need this anymore. Possibly do a trade of some sort for .380 range...
  13. So .. I wasnt going to share this .. but ..

    There are stupid &/or crazy people all over the place. I had the opposite happen to me - a crazy guy got out of his car and in my face screaming and swearing calling me first a f-ing c--; then it progressed to repeatedly screaming " f-ing liberal'. (I don't drive a Prius or have lefty stickers...
  14. Who else loves Acoustic Guitars?

    Do ukuleles count? I've got a concert size Ko'Aloha, made in Hawaii of beautiful koa.
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