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  1. Commuting from NH: is it worth it?

    Well the fiancé and I are looking for our first home purchase. We plan to take our time on this but we’ve been shopping to see what’s realistic. We have both expressed interest in NH— We like the woods and would love to escape Maura’s kingdom. She works remote, but I need to be in Watertown 3...
  2. Can I get some tips for my AR build?

    I’m new to the AR platform and I own a complete lower that I want to build up. I want help selecting a solid BCG and Barrel for a fair price (would like to stay below $400 for the two). I figure those are the pieces I shouldn’t cheap out on and then I can scavenge for the rest. Is this the way...
  3. WTB P320c Grip Module 9mm (ODG or FDE)

    Looking for a grip module for my P320 compact. 9mm. Already have black, I want Green or Flat Dark Earth. If it's cut for the safety that is a plus, otherwise I can do it myself.
  4. AR Lower

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