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  1. looking for someone to replace leather on seat

    I have an office chair that I love...its not an antique or anything but its solid and comfy...the leather seat is cracked/ripped...but the wood frame is in great shape...I'm looking for someone or a recommendation of someone to replace the leather...I reached out to a restoration company and...
  2. OTA Antenna for TV

    Hi I'm looking into adding an OTA antenna to my roof for the patriot season...anyone know of any installers in the south shore area? I live right near blue hills and with the TVFOOL report and the help from antennadirect I think a roof top might be enough...thanks for any advice or suggested...
  3. CZ carry package

    SP-01 tactical package for sale...this is the decocker no safety version..NS...sent it to Cajun Gun works for the carry upgrade...75-series-defensive-carry-package-338-00 its a safe queen that I'm hoping someone else can enjoy...comes with the original Tupperware..2 10 rd mags 1 15 rd pre ban...
  4. WTT Mini 14 mags

  5. WTS VP9

    Keeping please delete
  6. WTT WTT Glock 21 mags for Glock 17 mag

    I have 2 unotch glock 21 mags in great condition I would like to trade for Glock 17 pre ban square notch mags....will add $ to add out the trade. Will follow all laws
  7. computer help

    Looking for help from the brain trust...I have a 4 yr old computer that is running slow but not totally awful...I ran a passmark/performance test and it came back at 77% and all the individual components scored high, the lowest score was my is a hybrid drive 1T at 7200 and 32...
  8. WTS Pre ban glock 21 mags

    4 Unotch glock 21 pre ban mags..$50 each ftf in the Quincy area....must have LTCA..will follow all upon request.
  9. I'm thinking about KODI

    I'm thinking about Kodi...I have ROKU...what should I be concerned about and do I really need a VPN? Anyone have experience with Kodi? Will I be really able to watch NFL games? (I have no cable and no subscriptions) Any help would be I'm pretty much an idiot so...
  10. Skunk help

    WE have a fenced in back yard in a residential neighborhood...a skunk was around last year but we had no issues...this yr he sprayed my dog...and it seems he is still in the yard...anyone have any ideas how to get rid of him?
  11. WTS 9mm 124gr ammo 1000 rds

    20 boxes of 50 rds (1000 rds total) of GECO brass 124 gr 9mm FMJ for sale $240 ftf in the Randolph area. Must have LTC pics if you really need them
  12. WTB CZ Rami

    looking for a CZ Rami .9mm buyer
  13. 88 key piano

    I'm thinking of signing my 6 yo daughter up for piano's the problem...the instructor said she has to have an 88 key digital piano to begin the lessons...there is a decent probability she won't stay interested long so I'm looking for a cheap one to get us thru the trial phase and...
  14. WTS Glock 21 SF $650

    Glock 21 SF with NS, comes with 1 10rd mag pics upon request...FTF Quincy area $650 or will include 8 preban mags for a total of $1100....posting for a friend..if interested send me your email and I'll forward it to her Statement of Legal compliance: I will comply with all Federal and...
  15. Drafty hallway

    I had Mass save come out and of course the 2 recommendations they made aren't in their program. My front door is drafty as hell..any ideas on cost to install a door (assuming I buy the door...just labor costs)...opening is 67X77...and is it a 1 day job? The other recommendations had to do with...
  16. Looking to try out a S&W 327

    Hi my Dad is considering buying a S&W 327 which is an eight shot 357. He would like to handle one to see if it is really for him. If anyone is within 25 miles of Middleboro and has one. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to check it out. None of the LGS carry it and he doesn't want to...
  17. WTT trade my glock 17 pre ban for CZ 15 rd preban

    Like title says I have a glock 17 unotch with FML in great shape for trade for a CZ 75 15 rd preban...if you have more than one I'd be happy to add cash
  18. mass murder sues and wins in Norway His solitary confinement is nicer than quite a few peoples apartments .... Although Breivik has three prison cells, access to an electronic typewriter, newspapers, TV, exercise machines and videogames, and can cook...
  19. Identify this mag please

    Bought it off GB was told it was preban CZ...doesn't fit 85B or SP-01...any ideas?
  20. pro s and cons of different counter top surfaces

    I'm looking to get new counter tops...thinking Corian or Silastone or quartz...anyone have experience with any of these and costs? Small counter top..about 30sq ft...I'm in Randolph if anyone does counter tops in the area PM me
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