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  1. SOLD

    SOLD WTS Blazer Brass 165g .40 Cal FMJ 10 boxes of 50ct= 500 rounds Not price gouging, selling it for what I paid. $140 firm cash FTF meet in the Peabody/Lynnfield/Wakefield area. LTC Statement of Legal compliance: I will comply with all Federal and State Laws. If the firearm is to be...
  2. Selling a Firearm on NES

    Looking for an opinion from the NES braintrust. I've bought, sold and traded a few things on NES over the years, nothing tremendous. I recently posted a few firearms for sale. The first sale was a breeze. Priced it right and it sold it to the first guy in about 2 hours. The second one is the...
  3. SOLD

    WTS GLOCK 26 Gen 4 w/ nightsights. Less than 100 rounds shot. Comes with original case, backstraps and 3 10 round mags. $525 BRO. FTF Northshore on EFA10 unless you know a dealer that will do the transfer. Statement of legal compliance: I will comply with all Federal and State Laws. If the...
  4. SOLD

    SOLD WTS Glock 43. Like new condition Less than 50 rounds shot. Comes with 3 mags (w/ extensions), original box and all paperwork $500 /BRO FTF on EFA10 Northshore unless you know a dealer that will do the transfer. Statement of legal compliance: I will comply with all Federal and State...
  5. New Acquisitions August 2019

    Seen as how no one has started the August 2019 New Acquisitions thread here we go. Tavor x95 in flat dark earth. 16" barrel with Sig Romeo5 red dot, which I got on Amazon for $119 with no tax
  6. CBP Officer Open

    4 announcements for CBP officer openings in USAJOBS. Looks like mostly Northern Border and Southern Border. Looks like 2 of them are direct hire for hard to fill places.
  7. New telephone scam

    Sorry if this is a dupe, couldn't find it with a search. Heard about a telephone scam in work a couple of days ago. Telemarketer or scam artist (is there a difference?) calls either landline or cell phone and the first thing out to their mouth is "can you hear me?" or something very similar...
  8. Holster for Sig 1911

    Just purchased my first 1911 type pistol, a .45 cal Sig Sauer 1911 Extreme. Pistol shoots like a dream right out of the box. One problem I have is trying to find a holster for it, in particular, a leather, OWB high rise, preferably with a thumb snap. Why the problem finding a holster? The pistol...
  9. An even handed article on police I know, I know. It's the NY TIMES. A very realistic article on a day in the life. Very even handed for a rag like the Times Fixed
  10. Battlefield Vegas AWESOME

    So, I went to Las Vegas with a couple of friends for a few days this week. On a recommendation, we went to a place called Battlefield Vegas. One of the higher rated attractions in Las Vegas Freaking AWESOME!!! They have over 400 fully automatic weapons to shoot, everything from WWI to modern...
  11. Getting stopped on NH / Maine

    I am getting conflicting answers on this. Can a State / Local in NH run my Massachusetts plate if I get stopped? For example, I get stopped on 93 North in Salem, NH by NHSP. Can they run my plate and/or license and get my license and registration info back?
  12. Robbery Suspect Shot by Concealed Carry Pharmacist

    A feel good story. The pharmacist was really cool under fire. I don't think it is a dupe.
  13. Sig Mosquito vs Ruger SR22 vs Walther P22

    I am in the market for a .22 pistol for some inexpensive plinking. I already own a GSG ATI22 MP5 clone (which I love, highly recommend). Given that the Sig, Ruger and Walther are very close in price, which would you recommend? I am leaning toward the Sig Mosquito, being a long time fan of Sig...
  14. Mall shooting you may not have heard about

    Score one for concealed carry:
  15. Quote of the day. no year

    Former congressman Allen West on the US Marine being held in Mexico: “So right now what we have are these very neutered, pajama boy leaders, faux leaders in Obama and in Kerry and it’s very embarrassing,” West said. “It is a sad state of affairs that a Marine is being detained, a combat...
  16. Amusing attempted assault with a bat

    Not firearm related, but a guy with a bat attempts to hit someone. To sum it up, the guy with the bat goes nighty night....
  17. If you need a GOOD laugh

    This is a photo for an ACTUAL security company. Notice the rifle pointed at the guys face enjoy!!!!!
  18. AR15 used in self defense, feel good story

    Feel good story of the day! Home owner confronts armed home invasion with his trusty AR15.
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