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  1. Joe Biden to Announce Executive Level Gun Control Office - Office of Gun Violence Prevention

    They need to add ALL gun control groups in there. That way it would be one huge circle jerk and nothing would get done (and we could laugh at them).
  2. Boston City Council considering new ways to curb gun violence🙄

    Lawmakers only have one card to play... Pass more laws. It doesn't matter if they aren't being enforced/prosecuted or even if they don't make any sense at all. They can ban stuff and tax your sh!t. They really are clueless/worthless....
  3. CT Bans Private Sales

    So they just added another unlawful gun rule that everyone will ignore... yawn.
  4. did i ever tell you i like revolvers?

    I started out buying black, scary looking semi autos (:cool:) but I have gravitated over to revolvers.... never forget the magazines when on a trip to the range... 686 6" 686 5" 642 629 625 JM Just getting warmed up. I want to get a few Rugers next to compare to S&W models.
  5. Gold and silver prices are down

    If silver hits $200 an ounce then the US economy is in free fall and you would be crazy to sell it at that time for worthless script that the government prints.
  6. DHS Files Rule Proposing Increasing Scope of Biometric Information Collection

    Pretty soon they will be going door to door gathering cheek swabs for their database.
  7. PTM guns

    I can't seem to find an inventory of what they have in store. Does one exist?
  8. Giraud trimmer

    I am interested if you are looking to sell it.
  9. Hmm maybe I'll replace that one punky clapboard

    Every dollar spent on flashing saves twenty dollars down the road.
  10. How many AR's is too many?

    2 = 1 1 = 0 Always have a backup, I keep an additional lower parts kit, 1x BCG and 3x firing pins. I have 1x stock and 1x custom. Any more and it can get to be excessive (YMMV).
  11. Anyone know where to get Unicorn Droppings (primers) for non ass rape pricing?

    Wow, what a deal........ Not.
  12. 650 problem

    I had this problem and I adjusted the shell eject spring (held on by the shell plate main bolt) by loosening the bolt just a bit. This allows it to index smoother and not get bound up.
  13. How do I clear this? Round Stuck

    That .25 belongs in a ladies purse....
  14. Nipmuc R&G all alcohol license

    Now all they will need to do is to sell Cigars/Cigarettes to get the ATF trifecta.
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