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    Up for grabs is this beautiful upper with a very low round count! I am selling this on behalf of a law enforcement friend of mine. He needs to get it sold ASAP! $750 for upper with ROMEO 7 Text Brendon for more information +1 (617) 851-3904 Located North Shore MA
  2. WTS DJI Pocket 2 Camera

    Flawless condition, used literally once. $300 Located North Shore MA
  3. WTT AR Hand-guard

    Coooome on someone trade lol
  4. WTS Streamlight TLR-6 Flashlight 100 Lumen Solely for M&P Shield 9/40 🔦 🛡

    **Amazon ad said laser and flashlight but it is only flashlight!** As you can see bought in December 2020 for my shield. Shield is gone so now I’m left with this sitting in my drawer. Someone take it off me. It’s $105 on Amazon, $75 take it. I’m located anywhere around the north shore area...
  5. Lend a hand please

    Bro I bought Bitcoin in 2012……….. 🤔
  6. Lend a hand please

    I understand that this forum is probably all you have in your pathetic existence you call your life. Keep on marching my little soldier.😃
  7. Lend a hand please

    Uh oh, someone’s having a bad day! Thank you for calling me a dink, judging by your responses you’re a word that rhymes with bunt! Be well 😃
  8. Lend a hand please

    when I was growing up in the cold Alaskan tundra the first gun my father handed to me was a .44 mag desert eagle. Ripped my wrist off completely, go figure. I now have no right hand and am forced to shoot with my feet. Sure, I now have the foot dexterity of a full grown chimpanzee, but at what...
  9. Lend a hand please

    Thank you for all the kind words and suggestions! But I think we found us a winner 🤤 🤤 🤤
  10. Lend a hand please

    My brother is a resident of a free state (lucky dog) and is finally going to scratch the firearms itch…Talk about a guy who is CLUELESS about guns, he’s coming to little bro for some guidance (how the turn tables have turned). Anywho, I kinda want to steer him into a S&W M&P10…Why? I don’t know...
  11. WTT AR Hand-guard

    The entire upper isn’t up for trade just the handrail. Looking for quad rails. Maybe a shot in the dark but I just want my build going in a different direction so if you want to do the same let me know! 16” barrel
  12. Delete please

    delete please
  13. Am I crazy?

    Does the manufacturer of the lower reaaalllly matter? I bought a cheap Anderson complete Lower, I plan on a new trigger job with some other small upgrades. But, as long as my upper is of high quality, does it matter? I’m new to the AR platform so please be nice. Thank you -SmoothDataDan
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