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  1. Got the ok to purchase camper- recommendations.

    Brand new 2022 model is $35k A 2021 model is basically brand new since trailers last forever. That toilet has only been used a few times. The mattress pull-out feature gives the master bedroom more room inside. And the...
  2. NPR "poll" says Americans believe stopping "gun violence" is more important than gun rights

    lol "National Panhandler Radio". Who the hell cares about them? It feels like it's run by liberal harvard elites. I never found their programming interesting to listen to.
  3. Best Budget 9mm 1911?

    Does anyone know if the 22lr conversion slides will work with a 9mm 1911?
  4. Nothing worse than...

    Mass Rifle did that to me over the summer. Nothing on the calendar, then apparently there's a board of directors shoot on the outdoor range as soon as I get there. I was told I should've signed up for the "e-blast" (what boomer still uses that term?) to get the notification. I was livid.
  5. Texas child, 12, fatally shoots fast-food employee with AR-15 rifle, charged with murder

    Sounds gang-related. Dude driving with an AR15 in the front seat and the 12 y/o just picks it up and knows how to use it?
  6. Obama Wants To Regulate Guns Like Cars, Says Gun Ownership Is Too Partisan & Ideological

    Why is Barry Hussein commenting like he's still involved in current operations? Oh wait..
  7. Congressmans office attacked in rage by man with legal asault weapon

    The reason is very simple. Asians and Asian culture fosters hard work and relentless work ethic. They go against every "minority race victim status" stereotype in there. Asians are so good at academics that Harvard University has to set their entrance requirements significantly higher than...
  8. What's your favorite "Go To" firearm for fun at the range?

    22lr converted pistols (glock 19 and beretta 92) with a bunch of ammo and a bunch of targets. Almost every time.
  9. Federal Ban on FFL Handgun Sales to 18-20 Year Olds Ruled Unconstitutional

    How about a non-CNN link?
  10. I Don't Think This Is an ATF Approved Way to Obtain an FA Firearm

    Hate to say it, but bad policies by the gun shop. You have to walk out to the parking lot and around the corner to get to the range? No escorting? Not hard to jump in your car and drive away with it. Hopefully they got the license plate of the car.
  11. "Assault Rifle" has been replaced with "Weapons of War" moniker.

    Then tell me why police departments are allowed to have AR-15 rifles? SBR and select fire. Are police patrolling for war?
  12. Prep of The Day Thread

    I hate to break it to you, but this is what your cat is thinking: Just keep an eye out on ways that he can kill you. Look for objects high up that he can knock down onto your head.
  13. Glock Failure to feed

    Does the round chamber if you force the slide into battery by hand? If so, then it's probably not a fitting issue and more of a recoil spring strength issue. Custom builds almost always need fine tuning before they're shootable. Also make sure that the friction along the slide rails is minimal...
  14. Chilling moment mentally-ill man, 26, with AR-15 tries to SHOOT his way into lobby of Fox13 news HQ in Memphis 'to share message from God'

    The Memphis Police Dept should've hired him on the spot. He would've fit right in.
  15. Anyone else PO'd about Target Sports charging tax on memberships?

    Sometimes you gotta pick your battles. And for $5, I'd gladly allow a company to freely ship cases of ammo to my commiechusetts doorstep. The other option is to save your $5 and wait in line for 20 minutes at the deli ticket emporium.
  16. Can anone recommend a pop-up tent

    Coleman might be the answer. Literally just throw it on the ground and it pops open to form a tent. View:
  17. Magpul Mags

    Easier to load than OEM mags.
  18. Things I ponder while not sleeping.

    Go back to sleep dude
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