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  1. Heading to the promised land!

    Mark we have an extra bed and are about 10 mins from the Missouri border
  2. Heading to the promised land!

    We get one buck tag and one doe tag each. We took 3 weeks to maximize our chances at a stud buck Needed 5 preference points to draw this zone. This is a bucket list hunt! If we tag early we will move south to Missouri which is only 30 minutes south to several public land hunting areas...
  3. Heading to the promised land!

    We are going bow.
  4. Heading to the promised land!

    My buddy and I have just leased a 350 acre prime farm (160 + acres of woods) in zone 6, South east Iowa for Nov 3 through the 22nd. I feel like a kid at christmas! We found a cheap house to rent 12 miles away, vacation was approved today! Now we just have to draw the tags which should be a...
  5. 2023 Fishing thread

    Just finished recarpeting my boat and installing a recessed trolling motor pedal tray. 4 weekend straight working on it, what a bitch
  6. 3/27/23 Nashville School Shooting

    Because the Safe Act worked so well.................
  7. 3/27/23 Nashville School Shooting

    Basic common sense would dictate that if there was significant enough distortion to move the intersection of the white stripe with the rubber sole of the shoe, forward or back in one image or the other, to replicate one or the other shoes, significant distortion would manifest itself in other...
  8. 3/27/23 Nashville School Shooting

    The images are good enough to trust the positional alignment of the "white stripe" There is nothing distorted in the images. Colors maybe not accurate but the baseline images are not.
  9. 3/27/23 Nashville School Shooting

    In addition if you look at the forward orientation of the white strip on the pumas vs the other brand. The ones with the yellow flames align with the beginning of the laces where the pumas clearly align with a spot that is two or three laces back from the first lace(closer to the middle of...
  10. Let’s talk about tree stands

    Mark I have them on every one of my loc on stands now.
  11. Let’s talk about tree stands

    a harness saved my life this year. I also use a lifeline which allows me to connect on the ground and be connected all the way up to the stand. When I stepped on the stand the platform gave away, I fell and my harness caught me. self rescue was easy as pulling around the tree to...
  12. Nov 10 archery doe

    Sad update to the buck. I had another encounter with him on the 19th. About 4 pm he came trotting and grunting about 50 yards behind me. I had estrus out and he stopped when he hit the scent stream. I grunted and bleated after about 5 mins of him standing there. He then worked his way in to...
  13. Nov 10 archery doe

    Thanks Mark My rule has always been first deer with a long nose (adult deer) that gives me an opportunity goes in the freezer That being said she hung around for almost 10 mins before I shot her. I figured if a buck was with her I would have seen him by then. Lesson learned...
  14. New bird gun?

    I did a ton of research a few years ago into the less expensive over unders on the market. I found two guns that pointed well. The mossberg Silver reserve II and the CZ Drake. both in 12 guage and 28 inch barrels. Everything else I tried under 1000 bucks was horribly unbalanced. The...
  15. Nov 10 archery doe

    Video View:
  16. Nov 10 archery doe

    And just got a pic of the same buck still hanging around
  17. Nov 10 archery doe

    634 am. 134 lbs dressed. I may have messed up up shooting her. She came in and hung around for like 10 mins before I couldnt take it any more and shot her. Figured no buck folowing at that point. Shot her. She bounded 10 yards and stood there for like 5 mins then very slowly walked off. I...
  18. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    It was an active night last night. Hoping the cold front tomorrow gets them moving in daylight!
  19. 2022/2023 Upland Hunting

    Had a short hunt yesterday morning. Probably 20 hunters at sunrise. I think 4 birds shot in the 2 hours I was there. We got lucky to stumble apon one of them.
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