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  1. Show me your carry rigs

    Ahh... Another Breitling man! What model?
  2. Apparent suicide, Haverhill MA gun club

    I am a new member of HHRG and am shocked and saddened to read this news this morning. I used to live at the Northside Condos, but I can't say that I knew Brian. Nonetheless, My condolences go out to his family. RIP Brian.
  3. Can you shoot accurately with both eyes open?

    I've seen similar videos, and have since started practicing with both eyes open. I found it very natural and am quickly becoming better at it.
  4. Article on CCW for Women

    I know a thread was posted and locked down a few weeks ago here re: CCW for Women. I'm copying an article here that was in the latest email edition of the newsletter from the USCCA. I did not write the article, and am reposting it without permission, so I hope the author's name and credential's...
  5. Gym shooting

    Not sure if this has been posted here yet. Some of you may recall a thread awhile back asking the best way to carry while working out, and many members only response was to ask why one yould even THINK about carrying while in a gym. I, as a personal trainer for the last 8 years, chimed in...
  6. Anyone have any spare FA-10's?

    Do I have to provide any proof to the CHSB of being a collector? I believe I have two weeks or so until the buyer gets his license, so I should be OK. If I don't have to provide proof of being a collector, then I'll just give that number a call. Thanks!
  7. Anyone have any spare FA-10's?

    I stopped by the Haverhill PD yesterday, and they were all out of forms. I'll call other PD's if no one has any extra's saved up, but i figured I'd ask! Thanks, Jeremy
  8. Anyone have a Glock 26 I can try out?

    Score! The guy at Bob's says he has a 26 that he doesn't normally rent out but he would let me try it for $10. :D
  9. Anyone have a Glock 26 I can try out?

    Happen to be going today?? [smile] Usually mid-day works best of me, depending on the day. I get long breaks between clients with several hours to kill...
  10. Anyone have a Glock 26 I can try out?

    Thanks Hanwei - when do you usually go to the range?
  11. Anyone have a Glock 26 I can try out?

    Do you know if it is it a new or pre-ban? I suppose I could just give a call, huh?
  12. Anyone have a Glock 26 I can try out?

    I've been to Bob's and I don't recall seeing one there. Are you referring to a rental or one for purchase?
  13. Anyone have a Glock 26 I can try out?

    I'm trying to decide if I want to sell my M&P 9C and buy a G26. I've only shot the G17, and want to see if I can shoot the G26 as well as I shot the 17. I'm in Haverhill MA. I would willing to travel to another members range, or you are more than welcomed to be my guest @ HHRG. I'm also going...
  14. GF to carry my registered pistol legal?

    I think these excerpts are the ones that pertained to my original aforementioned thread, regarding range use only, not CCW or self-defense. It would appear that is IS legal: "except that this paragraph shall not apply to...(B) the loan or rental of a firearm to any person for temporary use for...
  15. GF to carry my registered pistol legal?

    I was actually told the opposite in a thread I posted awhile back, regarding borrowing a gun from a Maine res. for a range trip. Everyone said "no problem", but then again, no one cited any MA GL's.
  16. Is anyone in your family anti gun?

    My sister WAS. I'll have to post pictures later. At Thanksgiving, she wouldn't even TOUCH my gun. I stripped it down for her and she would touch each component by itself, but she didn't even want to LOOK at it fully assembled. THEN I took her to the range, just she and I last weekend, and now...
  17. Just shot my first Glock this weekend...

    I agree with that line of thought. I'm in touch with a few people to see if I can shoot a G26 (back to back with my M&P) before I commit to one.
  18. Laws/procedures for private gun sale from MA res. to NH res?

    If it goes to either interested party at the moment, I was planning on Stateline in Plaistow, as they're close to all parties, including myself. Do you have a better suggestion in close proximity?
  19. Laws/procedures for private gun sale from MA res. to NH res?

    I live in MA, and may be selling a pistol to a NH resident. I don't have a NH permit. Can I transport the gun, unloaded, in a locked container, in a locked trunk, to the FFL to perform the transfer, or must it be shipped up if I don't have a NH non-res? Thanks again!
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