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  1. There are two types of range officers.

    So have appendix carriers, finally someone has solved the age old problem of "you'll shoot your d*ck off with that thing " View:
  2. A local good guy with a gun

    Ch. 5 article updated to mention CCW holder, just saw it 5 min ago.
  3. Road rage incident in Stoughton Lawful Gun owner defends himself

    If there is no wrong doing and no charges are filled, can they?
  4. Active Shooter at the Prep

    If I could only have 1 gun it would be a P226, maybe a cz P01 but probably the 226.
  5. Active Shooter at the Prep

    My bad, I should have put..... Instead of question marks, I was implying that the cops "would" be the morons to have the hammer cocked while room clearing since they're the ones who would likely be in this scenario. We also don't have all the info, was the ND a rifle with the safety off or was...
  6. Active Shooter at the Prep

    A cop ????
  7. Active Shooter at the Prep

    I generally agree assuming I'm familiar with the building im in and where the exits are. Also, I'm an adult and I'm pretty conscious of these things, I'm not a child who might be at a new school, scared and unfamiliar with my surroundings.
  8. There are two types of range officers.

    It's too bad cuz it's actually a pretty nice club. I'll also add I haven't personally had a problem or saw an RO acting like a Richard. My only beef was the several no shows when the range is scheduled to be open. Taking time off work unpaid to go shoot and then showing up to a closed range is...
  9. Best Budget 9mm 1911?

    Red label will definitely get you piss drunk but it'll never taste as good as a nice single malt
  10. Active Shooter at the Prep

    Ya, I would be genuinely shocked if a moon bat parent did that. I've met a lot of really stupid people in my life but that's next level.
  11. Active Shooter at the Prep

    I would probably guess that most swatting incidents come from people far away from the location, could be some kid in Montana or Europe for all I know. Could be a gamer that plays with a kid from SJP and had a beef, who the hell knows. Also, imagine if that cops ND was fatal while responding to...
  12. Active Shooter at the Prep

    Reports of a bank/armored truck robbery in 3,2,1
  13. Active Shooter at the Prep

    If it is a deliberate hoax I hope they find the turd responsible. I have a pretty dark sense of humor but this sh*t's not funny
  14. Active Shooter at the Prep

    I'd say so, If you're going to pull some stupid sh*t like that then do it in the morning, not 2:00 in the afternoon, kids these days....
  15. Active Shooter at the Prep

    I got passed on 95 around Newburyport by a couple cops. Their coming from all over
  16. Active Shooter at the Prep

    I just drove by there 5 min ago, I don't think I've ever seen so many cops in my life. Hope to God it's a hoax and everyone is okay. I'm listening on the scanner but haven't heard much other than The cops are clearing buildings.
  17. There are two types of range officers.

    I left Danvers years ago because of the range officers. Several times I showed up to shoot and they were a no-show. Unacceptable to not be able to shoot at a private club you pay money to be a member of.
  18. Best Budget 9mm 1911?

    I picked up a barley used rock island fs tac govt. a few years ago for about $500. All it needed was more tension on the extractor and it runs like machine. It won't win any beauty contests but well worth the money for a plinker. I used it for a few steel plate shoots and did pretty well. 70...
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