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  1. NES Lost Another One: Ken Maurer Passed Away

    Rest in peace sir. Thoughts and prayers to the Maurer family
  2. Is this a machinegun ?

    "Since you have no money that we can squeeze out of you, go back out there and bring us more business" said the MA criminal justice system.
  3. Anyone doing an AR build that can't decide on a stock

    If the A2 stock is too long you can get an A1 stock from Cavalry Arms, a molded rounded buttpad is also available. I prefer both over the A2 and it's squared buttpad.
  4. Hard at Work Colt 1911

    Absolutely gorgeous, as usual
  5. revisiting on death gun bequests please...

    I have a written will, health care proxy and a durable power of attorney. When I asked about willing my firearms to my licensed children the lawyer said that I would need to contact a firearms lawyer, I should have asked him for references. How do I go about doing this personal property...
  6. Any gunsmiths in MA that can convert 92FS backstrap into INOX style?

    Just buy a Vertec. Then have two Beretta's. After checking out the Allegheny Arms website I wouldn't mind having my angled dust cover milled to straight (the way they were originally ment to be), though I'm not sure if they do that. I also wouldn't mind having the warnings removed from the...
  7. M1 Armor Piercing Round

    When my father graduated from Somerville high school he joined the Marines during the Korean War. He was at boot camp working in the buttes and waiting for the string to end so he could send up the target. When this projectile dropped in front of him. He picked it up and placed it in his pocket...
  8. WTS File Filing Cabinet

    I have a vintage Oxford file cabinet for sale. It has a top opening lid that slides back and down. The cabinet is heavy duty, and rolls very smoothly. The lock doesn’t work as it’s missing the cam latch which would lock the top down. This would make a great storage container. 30” High x 18” Wide...
  9. Refurbished Some Mags

    That's true. It shows that these can be restored to new condition with a little effort. Years ago I seem to remember an NES member that had small cracks in the corner at the feed mouth of a preban. He used the aluminum brazing rods to repair the cracks. I thought the repair came out great. You...
  10. Refurbished Some Mags

    I wanted a couple of mags to match the color of the black rifle. I scrubbed them inside and out in a solution of Simple Green. After drying I prepped them for paint by wiping down with denatured alcohol. I hung them and sprayed with a few coats of Rustoleum High Heat BBQ paint. After drying I...
  11. Polymer 80 mag dropping

    Check the frame magwell for interference with the magazine fully seating up into the frame. There may be a couple of areas in the magwell that need to be very slightly clearanced to allow the magazine to fully seat. A set of needle files would be enough to remove the excess material. This...
  12. pre ban AR 15 30 round mag issues

    I had a couple of used prebans that wouldn't insert easily and didn't drop free. I lightly squeezed them in the vise right at the problem areas, which brought them back into spec. Problem solved.
  13. Best place to buy preban glock mags

    NES classifieds WTS/WTT Firearm accessories
  14. Boston cop had his Glock stolen by strippers in RI

    We have a name. Emanuel Brandao. The Boston news certainly wouldn’t name him, but they would name smear any one of us little people. The RI news has no reason or ties to protect the Boston cop. Police: R.I. strippers who stole Boston cop's gun were paid for sex
  15. Cheaper Than Dirt

    I won't even click on CTD web sight if a Google search lists it.
  16. Deals and steals

    Tactical backpack sale. Regularly $90 now $29.99 Elite Tactical Backpacks
  17. Benches and vises

    Simpson Strong Ties makes a work bench bracket kit for $40.00. It uses all 90 degree cuts ...
  18. Benches and vises

    Craigslist has a lot of used work benches and vises. It's hard to beat Harbor Freight on prices for new benches and vises. Make exactly what you need out of 2x4s and plywood. This is what I'm going to do for my tool shed.
  19. Rattlecan Paint job for rifle

    Another vote for Brownells Aluma Hyde ll. I've used it on small projects. On the plus side I've found it to be very durable because it's epoxy based. On the negative the colors go in and out of stock often, it sprays out on the thick side making it a little tough to work with and the cure time...
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