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  1. Manslaughter charges filed after kill shot fired 8 minutes post invasion. Wild story out of chesterfield MA.

    Interesting case, obviously will come down to whether he can convince the jury be shot the perp to stop a threat and not because the guy was talking shit about murdering the homeowner’s children.
  2. Why can't you ship parts to MA from select online retailers?

    Like how NH voted for Biden? Much better than MA and I get the “it’s complicated” argument but Biden took NH by landslide right?
  3. Assault-Weapons Bans Gain Momentum in Democratic-Controlled States

    I’ll guess we will see. Obviously many people thought Bruen would never happen in our life times
  4. Assault-Weapons Bans Gain Momentum in Democratic-Controlled States

    Is there any chance the Supreme Court does not take up an AWB case in the next 5 years?
  5. Supreme Court - NYSRPA v. Bruen - Megathread

    Stay and play is such garbage. She probably would have survived if the accident occurred in the US.
  6. Why can't you ship parts to MA from select online retailers?
  7. Shotgun capacity

    Can’t wait for this garbage to all go away in a year or two
  8. Plate Carrier Recommendation

    I have been happy with my Ferro carrier (RMA plates)
  9. AK rifles compliance according to MA AWB

    Fortunately, all AWBs are unconstitutional and will not survive the next couple years.
  10. Poorly written Globe article (I know) hints you no longer need an LTC to carry in Massachusetts

    Lol at “high capacity” mags not being protected. I hear pretty soon we are only going to be allowed to have 1rd mags, maybe 2rds. After all what’s high capacity? 15rds? 10ths? 5rds? Absurd
  11. This is what an AR15 bullet does

    It’s way too powerful to use for hunting. A deer would just be blown apart. Maybe you could use it on an elephant or a rhino, but even then AR-15 (which is the name of the bullet than can only be fired from these guns) is just too powerful. It has no use except to kill hundreds (thousands?)...
  12. FPC Challenge to MA Handgun Roster

    The roster is a defacto gun ban and, by any measure, is a tool used for gun control. It’s clearly unconstitutional, it would never survive Bruen (how could it?), but it’s going to be a while before it makes it to the SCOTUS. Crack downs on dealers selling “parts” (which you can be sure is...
  13. FPC Challenge to MA Handgun Roster

    Glocks are a fundamentally flawed, unsafe product versus approved handguns. That’s why no police officer in MA has ever or will ever be issued one.
  14. Would you rather game… tactical shotguns edition

    Garand Thumb has a pretty good YouTube review of it View:
  15. Buck knives ?

    My dad bought me this Buck 120 over 30years ago. Still a cool knife in my view!
  16. Compliance modification

    Is this one meant to cover 94-2016? So no pre-Healy? Lol.
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