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  1. SR22 mag inserted backwards, now stuck.

    🫡 Bravo sir.
  2. Road rage incident in Stoughton Lawful Gun owner defends himself

    Hopefully he kept his f'n mouth shut to the cops. They aren't on your side. You aren't their buddy, guy. Don't let your mouth talk you into a felony rap.
  3. Someone breaks in - Do you yell that you're armed or not?

    Tuco, inventor of the "bath gun". An unsung pioneer in bathing self-defense engineering.
  4. Inherited firearms transport?

    And if you live in a tax-heavy state, use a trust for your major assets. The money my parents spent on wills and trusts paid off in spades when my dad died suddenly. If they hadn't prepared and spent that money, the state (MA) would have taken a major bite out of his ass in death. It also...
  5. Inherited firearms transport?

    SC does not require a license to possess a firearm. You're all set on that end. Since your father passed intestate (lacking a will), his wife should retain an estate lawyer to get the estate through probate. Typically, if nothing is contested, handing down some personal property isn't going to...
  6. Classifieds

    What we need is a bot that trolls the classifieds and will auto-kick badly formatted ads with a PM to the user with what failed. That would be a good first-line automation task to reduce the manual burden on mod staff. And then after that, I would add keyword macros for mods in the classifieds...
  7. H&K's turn to go woke ???

    Did a certain someone perform a career limiting move?
  8. First Defense in Uxbridge closing due to MGTOW

    Cool. It's been a while since I've been down to his shop, so it's about time I head down there again.
  9. First Defense in Uxbridge closing due to MGTOW

    Same location or new one?
  10. vaultek rs safe worth it?

    I had to get a second safe last year (2022) to hold some overflow from when I inherited my dad's guns. I got an RS800i. I picked it over a traditional safe for space and handling reasons -- I had limited space in my office for a second safe and I had to move it by myself with a regular dolly. As...
  11. Lever guns

    Trust me, I've been looking. Trying to figure out the model that I'd like the best.
  12. Lever guns

    One day, I will have a .38/.357 lever gun. Just gotta find the right one.
  13. ATF flagged for unlawful employment practices

    Somebody squealed!
  14. summer coming time to break out the dirty look from libtards trucker caps

    It's only gay if your balls touch.
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